Your Witchy, Thrifted Outfit for Spring

Your Witchy, Thrifted Outfit for Spring

Winter is finally coming to a close.

Oh my goddess I am so ready. I hate winter with a serious passion. And although I respect winter as a season we need in our lives, I also think that it shouldn’t be as cold, as dead, as long or as wintery. Bleh.

Luckily, with March quickly approaching, we can soon kiss Winter’s cold ass goodbye.

So get ready to pack up your winter gear…

…And get our your spring clothes. Or if you’re anything like me, you donated all of last year’s spring clothes and only have a capsule wardrobe full of bulky sweaters and fuzzy scarves.

Welp, look like’s it time to go shopping again. And if you’re as much like me as I think you are, you’re gonna go thrift shopping. And lucky for you, I laid out exactly what you need to get for your first spring outfit.

Buy this witchy, thrifted outfit:

Oh no! Are all my items black? Oh well…

A robe is just one part of the witchy, thrifted outfit for spring

** A robe

Robes are in season, trust me. Find yourself a cute, flowy, silky robe and wear it over skinny jeans, a tight tee or tank, and heels. This trend goes from day, to night, to bed. I got this robe for $6.

Cute flowery pants are perfect for this witchy, thrifted outfit for spring

** Cute flowery pants

These kinds of pants were really popular last year, which means that thrift stores are probably flooded with them so take advantage of it. As well, floral prints are totally in this season. This last fall, I wore a similar pair at a winery and tripped and spilled my glass of wine all over an old lady… And that was before I even had anything to drink. I found these flowy pants for $3.50.

A crop top is the staple to this witchy, thrifted outfit for spring.

** A crop top

Duh. Crop tops will never go out of style, imho. If you can’t find one for this thrifted outfit, check the little kid’s section for a shirt that’s still stretchy enough to fit over your womanly curves (you know, boobs). I got this crop top for $1.25.

These sparkly mules complete the witchy, thrifted outfit for spring.

** Mules

The shoes of this spring are mules, and these mules are the staple of this thrifted outfit. Look for mules with or without straps (there are a lot of size 8.5s at my local Goodwill), and slip them on and go. I got these awesome hand-beaded mules for $4. FOUR DOLLARS.

Hop in the car and let’s go shopping!

What spring trends are you hoping to find at the thrift store?

This thrifted outfit really channels the spring trends this year without compromising warmth or comfort. And it only cost me $15. You couldn’t even get a pair of cute sweatpants from Target for $15.

You can view more of my spring looks on my Instagram or YouTube channel. And don’t miss last Friday’s video on My Grimoires!

Your witchy, thrifted outfit for spring.


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