What the heck is a beauty witch?

Glamour magic, beauty rituals, sacred self-care and why it all matters to your spiritual practice.

First, if you're here, you belong here.

If you’re here, you probably identify, or want to identify, with the label — Beauty Witch. And that alone means you’re in the right place. You’ve found your community. 🙂

But what exactly drew you in to the label Beauty Witch? What makes it feel relatable, intriguing, or validating? What exactly is a Beauty Witch, by definition?

And what makes us one?

Beauty Witch Podcast

Episode One: What The Heck is a Beauty Witch? Glamour magic, beauty rituals, sacred self-care and why it all matters to your spiritual practice.




Beauty Witch Podcast

Episode One: What The Heck is a Beauty Witch? Glamour magic, beauty rituals, sacred self-care and why it all matters to your spiritual practice.




It's all about the priority of self-care on a spiritual level.

It’s my personal opinion that what makes a Beauty Witch is her prioritization for spiritual self-care.

Beauty Witches think about ways they can heal their emotional wounds, tend to their inner child, explore their deepest secrets, and manifest their highest good all with self-devotion and self-care.

And of course, not all self-care is beauty-centric. In fact, a lot of it has to do with defining boundaries, journaling, honoring ancestors, etc. But for a Beauty Witch, they use their love of skin care, makeup, fashion, and even herbalism and plant medicine as a primary tool of their sacred self-care practice. It’s like how Kitchen Witches use their love of cooking to brew up some tasty spells. 

So, could we call her a Self-Care Witch? Yeah, but it doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? 😉 

Okay but what does a Beauty Witch do?

You are probably thinking, don’t all witches focus on self-care? On journaling, honoring ancestors, etc? Aren’t we just describing your average witch? Well, this is the fun part! A Beauty Witch does a type of magic called Glamour Magic. And here is a definition I invented:

Glamour Magic: Using your aura and/or appearance to change the energies around you to achieve the outcome you desire.

Now let’s break this down. Glamour Magic (also referred to as just glamour) works just like any other kind of magic. You begin by setting some intentions for the outcome you want. Then, you need to do some actual physical labor to cast the spell and do the magic. Finally, you work with the energies around you OR surrender to those energies to ensure your preferred outcome is achieved. All of this together is called a Beauty Ritual.

This is where Beauty Rituals come into play.

Wait, a what now? Here is another invented definition:

Beauty Ritual: Applying magical methods to a mundane beauty routine.

Instead of thinking of Glamour Magic as this big, robust ritual, you can create one Beauty Ritual that helps you achieve the glamour you’re looking for within your own regular beauty routine. It takes some effort and planning to create a full ritual, but I think it’s 100% worth it.

Here are some examples of making your beauty routine a little bit more magical:

  • Use color magic and correspondences in the choice of your nail polish. I like to wear bright red to symbolize power, intent, and energy.
  • Draw a sigil on your cheeks with a cream blush stick before blending it out.
  • Clearly and intently line your lips so you can communicate freely and with intention during your day.
  • Wear a crystal around your neck that will help you radiate confidence, creativity, and hard work, like citrine.
  • Anoint yourself in an oil blend to increase your ability to build key relationships like a blend of tangerine oil, peppermint oil, and rosemary oil.
  • Wear shoes that “click” on the ground, so your presence makes a sound—and impact—with every step.

But being a Beauty Witch isn’t all Beauty Rituals and Glamour Magic.

And self-care isn’t all face masks and bath bombs. Self-care is waking up 30 minutes early everyday to dedicate to a meditation practice. Self-care is blocking toxic ex-friends on Facebook. Self-care is literally stopping to smell the roses. All of these counts as a piece of your beauty witchery, if you remember our first definition of a Beauty Witch. Simply, self-care is caring for your own physical, mental and spiritual being in a way that is healthy and beneficial to who you are. It’s how you take care of yourself day-in and day-out. It’s how you establish your boundaries and respect your own ethics and morals. It’s being a parent to your inner child. Aka, self-care is dedicating your energy, magic, and spirituality to yourself. Its self-devotion. (This is what I call spiritual or sacred self-care by the way.) And a Beauty Witch’s primary magical focus is on self-devotion. Well, according to me, anyway. And I personally think every witch should be a Beauty Witch, at least a little bit.

Everyone deserves spiritual self-care.

Again: EVERYONE (that means YOU) deserves spiritual self-care. You deserve to be cared for with compassion, understanding, and love. And you’re the one who first and foremost needs to care for yourself that way.

I understand that it’s easier said than done, especially when you’re struggling with systematic and societal forms of marginalization, or (and) are differently-abled. Or if you simply feel like you don’t have time.

These reasons, even more so, are why I think every witch (really, everyone) should focus a large part of their spiritual practice on self-devotion.

But self-care isn’t always fun, relaxing or aesthetically pleasing…

If your perception of self-care is all spa days, face masks, massages and elaborate baths (aka the “beauty” part of beauty rituals), you haven’t seen the whole picture. Of course, these fancy and aesthetic practices are a good starting place to developing your own self-care practice. But that’s just it: they’re starting places.

Self-care extends farther into the depths than just fancy skin care.
It’s deep, shadowy, and healing. Self-care isn’t meant to always be pretty. It’s not something you do when you already feel great or relaxed. Sure, self-care during the good times is fun and easy, but that’s not what it’s for.


Instead, it’s is meant to be a habit you create to help you heal your shadows and nurture yourself to keep moving forward. That means regular meditation, journaling, stretching your comfort zone, and establishing boundaries too.

Creating self-care as a habit in your spiritual practice

At it’s core, self-care is meant to be a habitual mechanism to allow you to heal your shadows and nurture your best, future self. Without establishing a habit, self-care cannot be the mechanism to move you forward. Instead, it becomes a special, once-in-a-blue-moon manicure and pedicure you do with your family for your aunt’s 54th birthday. Of course, these celebratory instances are fun, relaxing and refreshing. But they cannot be your only definition of self-care.

Instead, focus on mini and maintainable habits (aka Beauty Rituals!!) you can do every day to help you take care of yourself. Even showering or drinking enough water should be considered self-care. Creating these small spiritual self-care habits will allow you to have something to grab hold of when you’re feeling too depressed or tired to move forward. You will have tangible, spiritual practices in your back pocket to use on those days when you can’t get out of bed or feel too overwhelmed. And even if you fall off the wagon in the bad times, you always have something to come back to once you’re feeling able again.

You get to define what being a Beauty Witch means to you.

Ultimately, self-care are the rituals you do to help you function, heal, and nurture yourself. It’s the core of being a Beauty Witch, in my opinion. But because you are a complex being, your self-care rituals and habits are different from mine or anyone else’s. And you get to define what those rituals are, when and how do use them and how they serve your being. You get to define what being a Beauty Witch is to you.

Journal prompt: So, what is your definition of Beauty Witch?

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