Virgo New Moon 2017 Tarot Reading; Get the most out of your intention

Virgo New Moon 2017 Tarot Reading

How will manifestation go for Beauty Witches during this Virgo New Moon?

That is the question I asked myself last night as I pulled this tarot reading for the upcoming Virgo New Moon, which happens in about two days time. Even though we are blessed with six months of manifestation power from the Solar Eclipse that happened in August, we get a moon phase each month to sort of amp up that manifestation.

To understand how we need to focus our energy this moon phase to help ensure our intention goes out strongly, I decided to pull 5 cards in a new moon spread. I’m using one of my absolutely FAVORITE decks, the Bad Bitches Tarot from Ethony, which is also pretty new to the market. Learn more here.

 Let’s jump into the reading…


Virgo New Moon 2017 Tarot Reading

Three of Cups // Where you are at right now

This card depicts a group of three bad bitches sharing some drinks and just chilling. This card is all about friendship, celebration, and bonding.

The beginning of this moon phase for you starts with a celebration with friends. It honestly might have nothing to do with your intention (I’m celebrating with my best friend for her birthday today). But this connection with people around you has boosted your energy, even if you’re a introvert like me. You find yourself feeling more connected with your friends and family. You are more confident and more likely to be gravitating toward community. Don’t take this for granted as you begin the Virgo New Moon phase. You will continue to need this support.

Virgo New Moon 2017 Tarot Reading

Three of Wands // The thing you wish you manifest

In this card, a bad bitch stands confidently with her three wands, which are planted firmly in the ground to symbolize her commitment toward her endeavors.

You have already set your foundation for what you’re working toward since the Solar Eclipse. You can feel it begin to expand beneath you, and you’re already setting your mind on what to manifest next. The manifestation you’re setting intentions for this Virgo New Moon is all about investing in yourself to make your harvest even more bountiful. This is leaning toward education or travel, but my one piece of advice is definitely to just choose one thing this moon phase.

Virgo New Moon 2017 Tarot Reading

Seven of Pentacles // The obstacle in the way of manifesting

This card shows a bad bitch in a beautiful emerald gown observing seven pentacles next to her. This card is about reaping the harvest of hard work you’ve done so far, but in this scenario, it may seem like your harvest is never coming.

Although you have done a lot of hard work in the past, you can’t stop thinking of what’s ahead of you. While this is a good tactic for a long term goal, it also means that you are missing out on any small milestones you’ve hit along the way. Write things down this time and pay attention to when you achieve even the tiniest of goals. Don’t get jaded because the big “thing” that your manifesting hasn’t presented itself to you yet.

Virgo New Moon 2017 Tarot Reading

Nine of Swords // What will aid in your manifestation

This card showcases a bad bitch standing in front of nine swords lined up on the wall behind her. Usually this card means inner demons, a fear of the future, and blatant ignorance.

But as backward as it may seem, a fear of the future is what will help push you toward success. The reason why is not because you fear success, but because you fear failure. Something big is riding on what you’ve been manifesting since the August Solar Eclipse, so use a healthy fear to help you achieve it. To do this, write down what you don’t want your life to look like after 6 months, and that will help you set the correct intention for this Virgo New Moon.

Virgo New Moon 2017 Tarot Reading

Four of Swords // The upcoming full moon

In this card you can see a bad bitch standing, balancing four swords on their tips besides her. Two of them are balanced right below her fingertips.

Once the full moon phase joins us this time around, we will be ready to reap the rewards of our intended manifestation. This full moon comes to us with reflection in mind. It is rare that the thing you are manifesting this Virgo New Moon is going to be done by the next new moon, so it’s time to take the upcoming full moon and waning moon to reflect on what worked, what didn’t work, and what to change for the next cycle.

Getting the most out of the reading:

To get the most out of this reading, I suggest beginning your new moon ritual right away (even though the new moon isn’t for another two days), and then writing down your specific interpretation of each placement in the spread. Write down your answers for each placement (where you are, what you intend to manifest, any obstacles, any aids, and the potential outcome), and use this reading as a guide. Then, create a solid plan for manifesting that intention you’re laying down today.

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What intentions are you setting this new moon? Let me know in the comment section of this blog post!

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Virgo New Moon 2017 Tarot Reading

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