I’m Okay With The Witch Aesthetic

I'm okay with the "Witch Aesthetic"

Don’t you just love my witch aesthetic?

Yeah. The term "witch aesthetic" makes my eyes roll.

I’m sure as a witchy person yourself, you’ve noticed how popular the “witch aesthetic” has become on the internet.

As a witch who actually does spells and magick, it can be a little unsettling. Especially when most witches don’t conform to one fashion style or aesthetic themselves. I mean, even the practice of witchcraft itself is so diverse it doesn’t exactly represent one spirituality.

It gets extremely frustrating to read Vogue encouraging people to dress like a witch. Or when your coworker flaunts her new “tarot-inspired” jewelry and you ask her what card it represents and she says “What do you mean ‘card’?”

(But at the same time, witchy-flavored fashion isn’t really erasing the spirituality of a culture the way claiming Jennifer Lawrence is your spirit animal does. So us pale-faced witches are just getting a little taste of watered-down appropriation, imho.)

I’m not the only one who’s a bit peeved.

Some of my favorite people had a long conversation about it a week ago on the Twitter-machine. This was their point:

Where did the spirituality go?

Of course, not everyone who dresses in a dark or “witchy” look is claiming to be a witch when they aren’t. I would say that my fashion sense falls into the witch aesthetic, and I am a witch. Not to mention that in fashion terms, this whole style choice is derived from the goth style.

So let’s embrace it.

Wait, what?

Just hear me out. I’ve noticed that the people who are really into the witch aesthetic are more likely to support smaller brands. Amazing, mystical, and blossoming brands. Brands like Witch Baby Soap, Necromancy Cosmetica, Mysticum Luna, and Witch Way Magazine. AND these people are already predisposed to witchcraft symbolism, tools, and rituals. They’re almost there.

As a content creator who loves fashion AND the witchy-er side of life, I can find my niche here.

I think if we, established witches, use the trendy witch aesthetic to our advantage, we can teach people about the spirituality. Maybe, some day, witchcraft might not be so taboo.

A "city witch starter kit" which is just a photo of a large black floppy hat, round sunglasses, a Fleetwood Mac album, and turquoise jewelry.

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