Ten Tips for Magickal Thrift Shopping

Check out the BEST 10 tips for a magickal thrift shopping experience!

I freaking love thrifting.

Yes, oh yes, oh yes I do-oo. I love thrifting so much, that the majority of the clothes I own are from thrift stores. I even have a thrift haul you can watch that shows exactly the kind of things that I buy from the thrift store and how much I spent!

However, one of the top questions I get from my friends and family is How do you get so many amazing things from the thrift store every single time you go?

And I figured I’d share my knowledge and give you ten great tips to magical thrift shopping… Okay, maybe the tips aren’t all magickal, but the majority of them are.

I got ~15 items for $60 from Goodwill:

Or you can watch it on YouTube.


1. Visualize what you need or want before you go.

This is important no matter where you shop, but especially important at the thrift store. If you don’t think about what it is that you need beforehand, you’ll find yourself in a second-hand wonderland, not knowing how to even start.

Plus, by visualizing your needed outfit or altar cloth, you can practice the art of basic manifestation during your magickal thrift shopping. Basically, if you visualize it and focus, you can manifest it in the store. The only hard part is finding out where your outfit or supplies are hidden!

2. Have a budget

Yeah, you might be doing some magickal thrift shopping, but this is one of those practical tips. And you’re probably thinking, Vella. A budget? But I’m at the thrift store.

Trust me, you need a budget. I usually tell myself not to exceed $50. (And it adds up quickly.)

3. Wear an abundance-attracting bracelet

Like this one. An abundance-attracting bracelet or jewelry or sigil or whatever should help you go into the thrift store on a sale day. I know Goodwill has amazing sales where a certain type of item will be ½ off (doesn’t seem like a lot per item, but suddenly, that $50 you limited yourself to can be stretched twice as far).

Wear an abundance attracting bracelet when you go magickal thrift shopping

Also wearing abundance-attracting stuff will help you find those items you visualized, and hopefully, in abundance.

4. Shop in between seasons

People like to clean house in between each season, so you’ll snag your best thrift shopping finds when everyone is clearing out their space. To make this a more magickal thrift shopping experience, you can think about going to the thrift store around the same time that you’re celebrating the equinoxes and solstices

5. Don’t shop during retrogrades

Specifically, Jupiter retrograde or Uranus retrograde if you want to get really woo-woo with it. I am calling out Jupiter and Uranus because these planets control aspects that are more related to money or material possessions than the other planets.

I like reading Café Astrology’s “This Week In Astrology” column to see what’s going on with the planets. Read this before you do any magickal thrift shopping!

6. Have protection

Wait what?

I mean be wary of the items you are touching, putting in your cart, and entering your energy field. While I don’t think cursed items are going to make their way haphazardly into your local thrift store, I do think that negative energy sticks to stuff.

Before picking up that quirky cup or trying on those amazing mules, say a little protective spell like “I don’t need negativity, your energy doesn’t stick to me.”

“I don’t need negativity, your energy doesn’t stick to me.” (Tweet it)

Or you can even go a little further for your magickal thrift shopping experience and spray yourself with a protective spray. You can find these at metaphysical shops or just make your own.

Do you want me to show you how to make your own protective spray? I would LOVE TO. But first, you have to tell me! You can do this by signing up for the Beauty Witch Coven!

7. Try everything on first

Okay, this seems a little counter-intuitive from tip six, but trust me, you’ll want to do it. And if you have a protective spell in place, you should be fine.

This is me trying stuff on during my most recent magickal thrift shopping trip!

This tip is another practical one for even your not so magickal thrift shopping. Take the time to try things on and really look at the way they lay on your body or work with other clothing. I have so many items that I just bought and didn’t try on and they were too small, damaged, or just plain gross.

8. Return things with bad mojo

And even if you do do the protective spell then cleanse your item magickally (and regularly) afterwards and it is STILL throwing you negativity, well that’s the sign it wasn’t supposed to go home with you.

When you do some magickal thrift shopping, you have to keep in mind the energy fields of the items you buy. You need to especially think about this if you’re going to be putting that item on your altar or using it in your craft.

So my rule of thumb is that if the item just seems off a little bit to me, I immediately return it or re-donate it. But I try not to buy these kinds of items in the first place.

9. Always just take a quick peek at the books

Girl, you will be so surprised at all the witchy or almost-witchy books you can find at thrift stores. During your little magickal thrift shopping session, just stroll on by the few shelves of books and take a look. I swear you will find something good.

10. Don’t buy mirrors

Unless maybe you plan on painting them black and turning them into scrying mirrors…and then I STILL don’t think you should buy any mirrors.

I just don’t know what it is about thrifted, second-hand, or flea market mirrors, but they give me lots of horror movie vibes. I don’t know. This is just my own rule that I use. But purchase those creeptastic mirrors at your own discretion.

An image of a clothing rack during my most recent magickal thrift shopping trip.

Let’s go magickal thrift shopping!

Thrift shopping is sort of my own little me-time ritual that I do, and I go at least once a month (although I don’t always spend $50). I think inspiring more people to go thrift shopping could help our economy, environment, and the ethical standards of the fashion industry… but I’ll get to that in a later blog post.

What thrift stores do you love? Are there any amazing finds you’ve recently gotten? I would love to see a thrift haul!

And don’t forget, I have my BIGGEST thrift haul ever up on my YouTube channel. Go check it out!

x0- Vella

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