The Supernova Palette: A Celestial Staple for Makeup Goddesses

The Supernova Palette: A Celestial Staple for Makeup Goddesses

The supernova palette is for the gods.

Okay, spoiler alert, but I love this palette. As soon as I saw the shades named for zodiac signs, I was in. And yeah, BH Cosmetic’s Supernova palette is a little old-news, but since it is so inherently celestial, I figured I might as well try it out and review it.

Get it here.

The price, the packaging, the palette.

You can order your Supernova palette straight from BH Cosmetics’ website for a simple $16, and I paid about $6 for the standard delivery. But if you exclude the delivery for this palette, each shadow comes out to be $0.89, which is a MASSIVE deal.

Once I received the palette, it came in a very sturdy box, wrapped in a layer of protective paper stuff, and then in its branded box.

BH Cosmetic's Supernova Palette

If you follow me on Snapchat, you would’ve seen the entire unboxing!

As soon as I unwrapped my Supernova palette and pulled it out of the box, I gleefully opened it up. It is a sturdy cardboard palette that closes with a magnet and has a mirror in the lid. A plastic sheet covered the shadows to protect them. Also, none of my shadows were broken.

And upon first glimpse of the shadows, they were all very large, slightly rounded (like a marble), and shimmery.

I truly love the Supernova palette

A quick look

I decided to give myself a quick look with this palette. It is a simple maroon smokey eye, and you can watch my first impression of the palette either on YouTube or right here! I also do some swatches and give steps to create the smokey eye!

The wear & tear

Okay, so the initial look was beautiful. I used these super shimmery shades for the entire look, even though it’s usually not recommended to use shimmer or glitter in the crease. Luckily, the shadows were so smooth that they blended pretty matte into the crease. However, once used wet on the lid, they foiled and were very shiny. Which was awesome.

However, as the day wore on, I noticed that the shadows on the lid creased, even though I used a base (but not a primer). The shades I used dry (the darker shades in the crease) also faded quite a bit. It was a little disappointing, but after about 8 hours of wear, I could still distinctly see each individual shade, though faded. This gave me confidence that the dry shades didn’t really shift or muddy together. And of course, the creasing sucks.

Next time I will use a primer.

I love the look I created with the Supernova palette

Supernova palette final review

I love the palette, but I don’t love the outcome. I really wish these shades would stay pigmented and strong on the lid without creasing or fading. Of course, I could definitely use a primer and that could make the world of a difference.

Also, I think most of the shades are super smooth. Even a lot of the glittery ones are soft and blendable. There are about 3-4 that come out patchy on the first swipe, but those are the glitteriest shades in the bunch.

All-in-all, I will definitely continue to use this palette, but probably just wet and on the lid. I do love all the colors and think it is super versatile. However, because of the lame outcome after a few hours, I can only give this palette 3.5 crystal balls out of 5.

BH Cosmetic's Supernova palette received a 3.5 our of 5 crystal balls

Do you have the Supernova palette? I would love to know what you think about it, your favorite shades, and what worked and didn’t for you.

x0 Vella

Here is an up close shot of the look I created with the Supernova palette

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