5 Ways to Incorporate Rose Quartz into Your Valentine’s Day Look

Here I am holding a large chunk of Rose Quartz

Okay, it’s Valentine’s Day.

And while we might detest the cheesy love-puns, grotesque doilies, and chalky heart non-candy, we still gotta look cute. For my #ootd, I decided to wear lots and lots of rose quartz.

And more than just a pendant.

Rose quartz is well known to us crystal enthusiasts to be the ultimate stone of love. Yes, it’s pink, but it also vibrates in tune with our heart chakra. Use this stone when you are dealing with self-confidence or self-image issues. This crystal will lessen stress and remind you of the comfort of Grandma’s house (the only place where doilies look natural).

Use rose quartz for comfort, tenderness, self-love, self-healing, and compassion.

Embrace the lovey-dovey energies of rose quartz by incorporating it into your Valentine’s Day outfit and makeup look. Below I show you the 5 ways I wore this V-Day crystal today:


My rose quartz plugs and nose ring

1. Rose Quartz Body Jewelry

When you want to wear rose quartz in a subtle, everyday way, incorporate it into your body jewelry. I have a nose piercing and stretched lobes, so I put in my nose ring from Eclectic River Designs and the plugs from 70Knots.

I love this rose water from Pearlessence

2. Rosey Body Spray

Another subtle way to incorporate the vibrations of rose quartz is to smell like a rose. This one is a little more DIY—open a bottle of rose water and plop a small crystal inside. Wait for the crystal to energetically “steep” in the rose water, and then spray it on you. If you want, you can also soak it in some drinking water too!

I love this iridescent pink rose quartz polish

3. Iridescent Pink Polish

So what if you don’t actually own rose quartz? No biggie! Just swipe on some light pink polish. I layered Sinful’s Pinksicle on top of Strawberry Milk from the Kandee Johnson collection to achieve this super iridescent color. I also added some dots of Black on Black and Mermaid Tail, also from the Kandee Johnson collection.

Too Faced's Sweet Peach Palette has perfect rose quartz tones

4. Rose Quartz Makeup Look

After your nails have dried, boost your makeup look to vibrate at self-love levels. The Too Faced Sweet Peach palette is the perfect palette for this look. I used Georgia, Just Peachy, and Bellini to achieve a sweet and romantic look. Swipe Tempting above the lash line for a smoked out wing. Oh, and don’t be afraid to add lots of glitter.

The affirmation for this rose quartz bracelet is "I love myself"!

5. Self-Love Bracelet

Before you leave the house to go grab a bottle of sweet red wine for your “Me-Date,” put on a rose quartz bracelet, like this one. Even if you don’t want to get dressed up for a day that celebrates half-naked, arrow-shooting babies, just slipping on a bracelet can boost your self-love vibrations.

How are you incorporating rose quartz today?

What are your favorite ways to include rose quartz into your look? Do you have a pendant, or do you just keep a large chunk in your pocket? I would love to see photos of the way you use this crystal! You can tag me in your photos on Instagram at @vellamour!

x0- Vella


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