I tried Rituel de Fille’s Eclipse Anti-Highlight

I tried Rituel de Fille's Eclipse Anti-Highlight

And honestly, I can’t imagine using it as a highlight.

Okay, so before I get into that part, let’s talk about the actual product. I purchased Rituel de Fille’s Eclipse Inner Glow Pigment from their pre-order for $29. Once the pre-order date was launched, the actual product arrived to me pretty quickly. It also came in all-black packaging which was definitely a bonus.

Get it here.

Once I got it, I immediately swatched it and fell in love. The pigmentation is awesome, and it is soft but sticky all at the same time. It does smell vaguely like Vaseline, which is lame, but it isn’t strong enough for me to notice after a few seconds.

Rituel de Fille's Eclipse pigment in it's pan and swatched on my finger (it's very pigmented)

And then I put it on my face…

And I fell even more in love with it than I thought I could. It is just a super versatile pigment that can be used anywhere. I ended up applying it to my eyes in a super large cat-eye, blended liner. I love this look because it takes all of 3 minutes to do, and I also used it as a contour and lip color.

Get my first impression of Rituel de Fille’s Eclipse pigment:

Or watch it on YouTube…

But it’s not a highlight.

Okay, let’s get into this part. First of all, I am sick of everyone calling this an anti-highlight, which assumes that you use it where you normally would a highlight, and it would do… something to your face. And while I think it’d make a killer blush, I don’t think it would really do anything for anyone if they used it as a highlight.

I mean, it is a very dewy cream, so the skin from it’s texture could be highlighting, but once you blend it in it sort of mattes down in a way.

What’s the final verdict?

I love this stuff, and plan on using it for a quick vampy/goth looks in the future. I mean, seriously, this stuff is one-and-done.

The only thing that is kind of irksome is the fact that it does crease on the eyes, but that is to be expected (all cream shadow creases… and creasing is sort of trendy right now anyway… so…).

All-in-all, I’d give this product 4.5 crystal balls out of 5. What would make up the other .5 of a crystal ball? Glitter.

Rituel de Fille's Eclipse received 4.5 out of 5 crystal balls!

What do you think? Would you try this? What would you primarily use this for? Let me know in the comments!

I used Rituel de Fille's Eclipse pigment to make a large, smokey cat-eye look.

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