Refreshing with the Scorpio Full Moon

Refreshing with the Scorpio Full Moon

Hello dearies, long time no see.

Yes, I am the queen of the unexpected, unannounced hiatus, I know. Every few weeks I am suddenly on a break, always disappearing on some simple sabbatical. I’m like a ghost.

And this time I am apologizing and, instead of starting over, just picking up where I left off. These kinds of posts are always the worst for me because they make me feel pretentious and arrogant towards my readers, thinking someone is worried about my whereabouts.

Anyway, let’s pretend like nothing happened (because nothing did), and stop with the poetic paragraphs.

This weekend was big.

I have really been struggling for the last two months, especially with my spiritual life. Everything around me has been out-of-whack, and it has been hard to find peace. This wackiness has also been trickling into my work life and relationships. I have been so unfocused and tired recently that I was having issues getting enough energy to write blog posts or just edit videos. I am still finding myself struggling, but I am hoping it is getting better.

The Scorpio Full Moon and Earth Day was this weekend, and those two very important days definitely had an impact on my weekend. While both events happened on Friday, I celebrated the Full Moon all week, and on Sunday I went out and frolicked in the deep woods all day, to try and reconnect with the Earth.

These last few days have really help me realign my energy forward. And while celebrating the Earth on Sunday was a great time, it was using the Full Moon’s energy that really made a difference.

I regained control.

This past full moon was important because while the sun was in Taurus, a very steady, routine-loving sign, the moon fell into the lap of Scorpio–stubborn, sensual, and spontaneous. While Scorpio is the sign of mystery and transformation, Taurus really would rather change never happen, and to have stability lead the way. The push and pull of these two opposites was intense, but for a Scorpio as myself, it was incredible, if not jarring.

Change needed to happen this weekend, even if the Taurus sun was reluctant to allow it. Having both my Scorpio planets, Pluto and Mars, in retrograde, really helped me go at things with a calm pace instead of the zesty and overbearing energy that I usually have when it comes to changing something. But I needed to make this change. And, in Taurus’s best interest, I needed to make this change to give myself a better structure in life.

Last week, I completely reorganized my altar space.

Let’s just say that the creative space where I keep my altar, crafting supplies, and music equipment was so messy and unorganized that it was unmanageable. You can see how awful it looks in many of my recent YouTube videos. There was just so much stuff piled high, getting dull, and draining of energy that the idea of even occupying the same space was exhausting. So I decided enough was enough, and I tidied, deep cleaned, and donated a bunch of stuff.

And it looks like I wasn’t the only one getting these vibes.

You can see for yourself in the following photos…

All these photos are raw and unedited. They’re directly from my phone, taken as I worked. I am still not technically done. I need to finish the large black bookshelf to the left of my desk, and I also need to add more decoration pieces (like the three shadow boxes). But here is the process. It took about 4 hours to get all this done.

Before shot of my disgusting altar space.
Here is a crappy panorama from my phone to show a BEFORE shot!
Before shot of my disgusting altar space
Before shot of my disgusting altar space.
During the mess.
And this is during my adventure trying to re-organize my space. I removed EVERYTHING from wherever it was already living, used the KonMari method to determine if it was a keeper, then placed it back into its old home, or an even better spot.
AFTER shot of my cute little craft cart
AFTER shot of my cute little craft cart.
During the mess
An almost after shot of my altar.
Almost done! This is nearly an AFTER shot! All that needed to get done was a disinfecting!
An after shot of my altar drawer: it's nearly empty!
This is an AFTER shot of the drawer to my altar. All that remained was a small utility knife, a coozy, and my tablet charger.
An after shot of my writing utensil cup!
Before I started, I had three cups full of writing and drawing utensils. Now AFTER, I only have cup full!
A quick after shot of a candle jar DIY I did.
A quick AFTER shot of this lovely jar full of Ogham runes. Before, this jar was filled with old candle wax!
The final AFTER shot!
And the final AFTER shot! (Well… there is still work to be done but this was my night’s progress).

It was a long night.

And it’s honestly not even done. I have to still install those shadow boxes, reorganize my crystals, and then do everything over with the black shelf next to my desk. However, minimizing this area of my life (literally) has given me much more room to breathe. I am so excited to begin making videos and using this space to write blog posts (like this one) again!

I have been so inspired that I have even started reorganizing the rest of my living space. I’ve already finished the bathroom, and now I’m moving on to the bedroom tonight.

What have you accomplished this Scorpio Full Moon?

x0x–Vella Mour

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