My Quick and Easy Morning Routine

My No Routine Morning Routine

Having no routine is my morning routine.

That’s right. If you read over my last post, you know that I am trying to have a more productive morning by having a focused and task-heavy nightly routine. I am a night owl, so I am just the kind of person who has more energy right before bed than immediately upon waking. I mean, it’s hard for me to even shower or eat breakfast right after I wake up. And after years of trying to force myself to have this prim and perfect morning routine, I decided to just go by how I naturally wake and that means there is no routine.

So I figured, since I shared my nightly routine, I might as well share the “routine” I follow every morning before work or school. Since this isn’t really a routine (meaning there is no timing, order, or priority), it takes me as little as 5 minutes to do.

I won’t say it’s very productive, organized, or effective, but it works, and it gets me where I need to go on time.

Quick and easy, it takes me five steps:

Beauty maintenance: I say maintenance because the things I do in the morning are the bare essentials of appropriate hygiene. I brush my hair and braid it, brush my teeth, and put on deodorant. And that’s it.

Get dressed: Yep. I do this second.

Grab my coffee: As you know, I made my coffee last night. So this entails me just putting ice in a cup. Usually my mind can comprehend this early in the morning.

Get my stuff together: If I followed through with my nightly routine, I just slip my shoes on and grab my stuff off of the counter. Super simple.

Breathe: the last step

I am not a morning person. I have to set about 5 or 6 alarms in the morning just to get up, and I usually only get up about 15 minutes before I have to leave. Sometimes getting up so late is kind of disappointing, especially when I envision myself with a full face of make-up and my hair done nicely, but it’s just how I have been since day 1. Trust me, I’ve tried to change it.

But by giving myself enough time to just breathe before walking out to my car to leave, I don’t feel as hectic or out-of-control. I often find that when I can breathe in the morning before leaving, that I become incredibly thankful to the universe for tiny things like waking up next to a puppy who is so excited to just be alive, or to have a job to be late to, or that I remembered to pack myself a lunch. This is the most important step of my whole morning, and yes, I do wish I would give myself enough time to do 10 minutes of meditation, or draw one tarot card, but just a few deep breaths in the morning is a fine alternative.

What is the morning routine you follow? Is it different every day, or do you have a strict ritual? What is the one spiritual thing you do after you wake up?

x0x– Vella

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2 thoughts on “My Quick and Easy Morning Routine

  1. Your morning ritual story sounds so much like what my mornings were like when I was working outside of my home… I’m a night owl by nature, too… so I often felt like I was in this fight between what my body naturally wanted to do and the expectations of the world for me to be at a certain place at a certain time. So, my mornings would generally be a struggle… I’d sleep until the last possible minute, and my routine pretty much covered the bare minimum, and consisted of putting on makeup, getting dressed, and walking out the door. I live in the city, so I’d read or meditate on the train to work, and then eat my breakfast once I was at the office.

    Now that I work from home and for myself, I have the freedom to schedule my day as I see fit… which means I can take my time during my waking hours. It usually takes me about an hour to transition from sleeping to waking. I don’t have a set ritual for the morning, but I try to make sure I get in somewhere between 5 and 15 minutes of meditation. I bathe and get dressed. I eat something. I drink water. Sometimes yoga happens. Often I journal. I pull a Tarot card for the day. I go through my morning very intuitively, and tend to choose the things I do based on how I’m feeling and what I need that day.

    1. That morning routine sounds heavenly, thanks for sharing! Your routine sounds like the goal! Sometimes I feel like I have more of a morning routine in the office than at my house. I assume my routine will mature with me, as I get used to working normal office hours every day. That was always the worst part of being a student, was the different schedule every day.

      I have gotten into a habit of pulling a Tarot or Oracle card in the morning whenever I can remember. 🙂 When I do, it’s my favorite part of the morning.

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