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Creating a sacred self-care practice helps you function, heal, and nurture yourself. Because you are a complex being, your self-care rituals and habits are different from mine or anyone else’s. And you get to decide what those rituals are, when and how you use them, and how they serve your being in this Spiritual Self-Care Workbook.


Within these pages are 122 lessons for you to use when studying and dedicating yourself to a sacred self-care practice. This allows you to process and work on each lesson for three days, totaling to the 366 days that make up a year and a day study. Some of the lessons will take you 30 minutes, other may take you the full three days. This grimoire allows you to have flexibility with your study and self-dedication. Do not feel rushed.

These lessons take you through the journey of discovering yourself, caring for your inner child, uncovering your demons, and healing and nurturing your soul.

The journey of beginning your sacred self-care practice will not be easy. This grimoire will make you cry. It will make you uncomfortable. It will make you revisit things you wish to forget. And question deep biases and learned behaviors. It will push boundaries.

But this journey will also teach you that you deserve to be honored and treated like the divine being you are. You will learn practical methods to treating yourself well. You will create a library of useful correspondences that are significant to you. You will learn how to use tools of divination and how to craft potions. This is a grimoire of magic and witchcraft as much as it is of self-care.

This grimoire is meant to be written in. Pages will be ripped in half or torn out entirely. You will build collages, add letters, tape in research. This is your journey and your grimoire. Do with it what you will.

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