Bullet Journal x Book of Shadows: Planning my 2018

Bullet Journal x Book of Shadows: Planning my 2018

So let’s start 2018 off right

How? By planning! I started bullet journaling last year in August and it was life changing. Finally, I was able to organize my thoughts in a way that was still unstructured. That alone is magical for someone as sporadic as I am. And now this year, I really want to incorporate more magick into my bullet journal.

So, I’m creating my first bullet journal x book of shadows!

What is a bullet journal?

I really don’t want to dive too far into this, because I don’t think I utilize any of the traditional bullet journaling techniques in my BUJO (the short form of bullet journal). But if you really don’t know what it is and want to get the inside scoop from the creators of it, you can view their guide here.

In their break down, they talk about things like rapid logging, bullets, tasks, and modules. I don’t use ANY of these methods. However, I still keep the spirit of a bullet journal by allowing for ultimate creativity based on what I need to log for that day.

In my BUJO, there is no table of contents, no specific daily spreads, and no organization of where things go in what order. Each page comes after the last, and what it has on it doesn’t necessarily need to be in any order. And I feel like that is what always held me up from starting my own grimoire.

Incorporating magick into my bullet journal x book of shadows

After bullet journaling for about 5 months straight and sticking with it (a feat for me tbh), I decided to go big this year by buying two journals for all year and then begin adding in more magickal spreads. My last bullet journal had some magickal spreads, but that wasn’t the focus of the journal in 2017.

In 2018, that’s changing.

So this year, I’m creating my first ever real book of shadows and bullet journaling is helping me start!

My BUJO x BOS yearly spreads

This section of the journal is meant to represent the entire year. I plan on creating separate sections of each month’s spreads. I will show you how I started January, and stay tuned for a full break down of February next month!

The first few pages of my bullet journal x book of shadows

The secrecy spell & title page—

This spread is pretty cool because it works as a spell. Basically, I traced my hand on the front of the page while repeating the incantation→

“For all those wandering eyes that linger, you cannot see unless you match my fingers.”

And now, I doodle on this hand to help continue to infuse my magick into it. The spread next to this page is just a nice title page. Once you flip the page, I have a large quote to help remind me of what this new year brings.

The quote in my bullet journal x book of shadows

My year ahead spread in my 2018 bullet journal x book of shadows

Year Ahead tarot spread—

I offer these tarot spreads for anyone who is looking to see what the year ahead has in store for them. These spreads are good for birthdays, Samhain, the Winter Solstice, the New Year, or anytime you need to see what the year has in store for you. I decided to pull one for myself. I doodled each card’s imagery into the corresponding boxes, and then on the next few pages, I wrote my interpretation for that month.

All-in-all, it looks like I’m going to have a good year.

Snag that Year Ahead spread! ↢

A quick look at the first half of 2018 + a quote in my bullet journal x book of shadows

2018 quick look and quote—

These two spreads are super simple. The first spread is of the upcoming six months plus the holidays, moon phases, and birthdays that are within each month. And accompanying this spread, I included a quote about the moon→

The moon is never the source of light, it’s always reflecting.

The numerology and goals for 2018 in my bullet journal x book of shadows

Year numerology and goals—

These two spreads are some of my favorites. I start by quickly outlining the numerology for this year. We’re having a Master 11 year and a 2 year all at once. As well, I included the quote from my vision board to remind me of what I want the theme of this year to hold→

Be intentional.

And secondly is my goals spread. This spread is super practical and holds my goals for each month of the first quarter as well as goals for my Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, email, and Beauty Witch Coven Facebook group. Remember, I am trying to start a business. 😉

A hand-drawn mandala in my bullet journal x book of shadows

Hand-drawn mandala—

This page is super simple. I decided to just hand draw a mandala that I can continue to doodle on or decide to color in later. I think an important part of a bullet journal AND book of shadows is allowing space to hold some sacred meditation time. And I find coloring to be one of those times.

My January monthly spreads

One thing I want to reiterate here is the fact that each page comes after the last, so there are some spreads that I don’t plan on repeating or probably could have been placed before the January section. However, the whole point of a bullet journal is that you don’t need to worry about order as long as it’s in your journal.

My january section of my bullet journal x book of shadows

January introduction—

If you watch any bullet journal planning videos on YouTube like I do, you probably see these kinds of monthly intro spreads everywhere. This is sort of like a title page to a chapter. There is the month written quite largely on the page as well as a tiny calendar showing the days of the month. And I like to include a specific sigil per month as well.

My moon phase ritual breakdowns in my bullet journal x book of shadows

Moon phase ritual breakdowns—

I included a break down of the ritual I want to do for each moon phase in my journal as well as a place to reflect on that ritual. Here you can see I also included a blue moon ritual, since we have 2 full moons this month! Exciting!


And that’s it for planning my bullet journal this month

Of course, there will be more and more spreads in my January section as the month goes on. These are just the spreads I put into my BUJO x BOS in advance. Some of the hang ups I found with starting a more traditional book of shadows have been erased with the BUJO method. I think one thing I’ll do as time goes on is begin incorporating spreads, spells, recipes, and other stuff that I use all the time into a more permanent book of shadows.

Want to see me build my BUJO x BOS? Watch this→

Start your 2018 off right

So you’re ready to start your bullet journal x book of shadows for 2018, but you want to get a grasp of exactly what the year holds for you? Easy, grab a Year Ahead tarot reading from me. I’ll send you interpretations and photos that you can copy into your BUJO x BOS or you can print them out and just keep ’em for yourself.

This spread is amazing because it goes month by month and the cards send a message on how to focus for that month. As well, I read the spread as a whole and can help you develop an idea of how the year will go for you in general. It’s never to late to get the universe’s perspective on your year to come.

Snag that Year Ahead spread! ↢

x0 Vella


Bullet Journal x Book of Shadows: Planning my 2018


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