Ouija 101; Three Steps on using a Ouija Board

Learn how to use a ouija board

Welcome to the Ouija board adventure!

Even though they are portrayed in media as horrifying, you shouldn’t be anymore terrified of a Ouija board as you would be any other form of spiritual communication, like a pendulum or even tarot.

I’d have to say that I’ve had a lot of experience with Ouija boards and although spooky, I have never had a bad experience. You just have to believe that if you project positive energy, positivity will also come your way.

First let’s set some ground rules…

I’m just going to list a few points that I need to make before I get into it:

1)  Although the Ouija board is considered a board game, never play the game if you don’t want to. And don’t force your friends to play with you. You will never have a good experience without good energy.

2)  A Ouija board, or a talking board, is something that you can use to communicate with your unconscious, spirits, or other entities. Some believe the board to be a portal, yet in my opinion it is not.

3) There is no specific time or place where the board will work best. Just pick a place and time, and do it! If you get responses then that’s awesome! If you don’t, well, maybe try again later.

Anyone can put their fingers on the planchette.

But not everyone can get it to spell out a name. I’m going to give you 3 simple steps on how to use a Ouija board.

Learn how to use a ouija board

Step One – Set the Mood

I usually wait to play with the board until dark for the perfect ambiance. But out of pure superstition, I don’t play the board anytime near 3 am. I’ve never had any personal evidence that 3 am is a bad time, but I still get uncomfortable dabbling in the occult arts too late. Maybe I’m just a weenie.

Once you find your time and place, grab your supplies: a board, a group of willing friends, a candle, a table, and a pen and notebook. When I am ready to start, I place the board on the table, and everyone sits around the board. You have to make sure that everyone can comfortably sit and read the board. Now light your candles for ambiance and get ready for step two on how to use a Ouija board!

Step Two – Designate Roles

I like to have at least 2 other people playing with me. Since I am usually the most experienced, I fill the speaker role. Then, I designate the 2nd most experienced or willing person to be the scribe. The last person is usually just there to have fun, experience the game, and provide energy.

  • speaker: the main person who communicates with the board and asks most of the questions
  • scribe: the person who writes down every question and each answer exactly as it is spelled (no paraphrasing) and usually only has one hand on the planchette

Step Three – Talk to the Dead

When I begin, I do two things first: warm up the board and lay down the group’s intentions.

To warm up the board, all you need to do is place your collective finger tips on the planchette and push it around in a circle. That’s about it. It’s best to have the entire participating group push collectively, to mix everyone’s energy. (But if you have a skeptic in your midst, it might be fun to show them what it feels like when someone is forcing the planchette.)

Then, as the speaker, I specify the group’s intentions. I usually say something along the lines of “we are here, surrounded by light, to made positive communication and seek positive energy”. By stating exactly what kind of energy you’re providing and looking for, you’re most likely to find it.

After I warm up the board, I basically just start. I begin asking my questions, waiting for the planchette to move. This game is all about patience, but when something happens it’s totally worth it!

Learn how to use a ouija board

But what do I ask the Ouija board?

Here is the list of questions I like to ask the board:

  1. Is there anyone here?
  2. Are you a good spirit?
  3. What’s your name?
  4. How old are you?
  5. What year were you born?
  6. What year did you die?
  7. How did you die?

It usually lasts about five questions before the spirit disappears, but I’ve been able to hold some pretty cool conversations with the dead. I’ve asked spirits what it was like to die, what their favorite color was, and if they could blow out a candle. As long as you’re being positive and sensitive, the conversation will flow and be fun!

It’s important to know when to quit

To “quit” talking to a spirit, force the planchette to “GoodBye”. Then everyone take your hands off the planchette to break the energy bond. Be careful. Breaking the energy bond before you are ready to quit will probably make you lose the communication, and you won’t get to finish talking. I have only had a spirit move the planchette to “GoodBye” one time, and it was after a great conversation. But I stop playing when I meet a spirit who makes me uncomfortable for a number of reasons:

  • The spirit move the planchette aimlessly without trying to spell anything. I’ve had spirits who spell incorrectly or who don’t have enough energy to finish a word. These entities I try to stick with, but when the planchette is just jumping around the board or going in spirals, I end it.
  • When the spirit moves the planchette through the alphabet or numbers, backwards or forwards. Or does any other type of noticeable patterns, I end it.
  • When a spirit talks back to me, but isn’t actually participating in the conversation, I become uncomfortable and end it. This says to me that the spirit has too much energy and can possibly take too much control of the planchette.
  • Or just when a spirit just stops responding or moving the planchette. Also when I have any other inklings that the room is empty of energy. This just means that the game is over–you probably won’t get any more contact and might as well end it formally.

There is nothing wrong with ending the game early, or not receiving any contact at all. The point is to have fun with it! If it doesn’t work where you are, go somewhere else!

Learn how to use a ouija board

Now go talk to the dead!

There is just something extra spoopy about using a Ouija board during October. And something even spoopier (no these aren’t typos) about talking with Death! It’s so fun, in fact, that I decided to do a Halloween tutorial on a Grim Reaper Skull look! Check it out:


What has been your scariest Ouija experience? Comment down below! If you want to hear more of my experiences with the Ouija board, head over to my Youtube channel!

x0 Vella

Learn how to use a ouija board

48 thoughts on “Ouija 101; Three Steps on using a Ouija Board

  1. The first time I ever used a ouija board I was communicating with a spirit. I asked the question “what is your name” and they answered “mom”. At this point I took my hands off the board without saying goodbye and ran downstairs with my friend to find her. I couldn’t find my mom anywhere and I started breaking down to my friends. About 20 minutes later my mom walked through the front door and I’ve never been so grateful for her being in my life. It was the worst experience and I ended up destroying the board completely. The next day I woke up and the board was on my bedroom floor (I ripped this board to shreds the day before and burnt what I had left). A priest had to come to my house and bless my room. He took the ouija board out of the house and I haven’t seen it since. Tonight I am going on a ghost hunt with my family and it will be the first time since that night that I have used a ouija board. I am extremely nervous but intrigued after my first experience 2 years ago. When I was younger my mom visited a medium who told her that an event in my life would happen at age 15. The exact details she described to my mom happened. She also told her that I have an ability to sense the dead and communicate with them. I 100% believe in the supernatural and using a ouija board. When I used it I treated it like a game, the ouija board isn’t a game.

  2. Me and my sister just made a homemade ouija board and it actually worked. I really want to do it again tonight to ask more questions but my sister doesn’t want too. Can I play it alone or is that dangerous?

    1. Hey Lou,
      So I created a homemade ouija board that worked when I was about 13. I used it alone all the time. And while I wouldn’t necessarily say it was dangerous, I didn’t use it in a healthy way. I used the ouija board to purposefully scare myself (by talking with spirits who answered “No” to the question “Are you a good spirit”) and I also obsessed over it. It was one of my first experiences truly diving into ouija, so I wanted to see how far I could take it. I was also a teen, soo. Anyway, I say pay attention to your own limits and boundaries. Are YOU comfortable playing it by yourself? What was the experience with your sister? A positive one? Are you willing to use caution and exercise strict boundaries if the spirit/your psyche starts to become controlling of the session. Play it safe, know your boundaries, but most importantly, have fun.

  3. Hi there!
    Just stumbled upon this while searching for some answers, my partner and I played tonight and believe that we made contact, they said they were trying to communicate then I asked what their name was and they moved to the letters T and G, then we asked if it liked the cat, (our cat) as a joke and it said no then went quiet, we ended the game after not getting any more answers but are left wondering if the letters have any significance? Is there any way we can be sure that we made contact?
    Thanks in advance for any advice

  4. Hey, I am a skeptic but still get a bit freaked out about ever using a ouji board, although I’d love to try it one day. My main concern is how do we know for the sure the spirit is gone when we force it or it goes to goodbye? What if we get this weird feeling whether physical, emotional or spiritual and it doesn’t go away after the goodbye. I am just full of every possible what if and would love thorough answers. Thanks.

    1. It doesn’t matter what time of the day you do it but I advise you to not do it in a house just in case it’s an evil spirit.

  5. This is all so fascinating to me and I really enjoyed reading through these comments…there are so many opinions arguing Ouija Board being real or fake & countless war stories from people’s experience that dictate what people believe wether they had a positive, negative or No encounter at all…so I just thought I’d share my personal experience…I am 34 now… over 20 years ago, i’d say around age 10 my girlfriend and I decided to play ouija! so we made a paper board & a planchette, hung a sheet over the closet (with no doors) in the empty spare bedroom, shut off the light, lit a candle and began the questions! YES there was a spirit present and it claimed to be evil and of course at our age we asked silly girly questions too..It’s pretty typical to assume the other person is moving the piece and making up answers, I totally thought she was messing with me until I asked the spirit to show me a sign if it was Real…2 seconds later the ceiling particles which were those old school little white balls (lol don’t know name 4 em) started falling on the game board I’ve never ran so fast in my life! So her and I high-tail it downstairs to my little sister and her friend, freaking out, terrified! & then we realize our extremely loving golden retrievers who’s hooked to our hip is out of sight…so we start calling his name… creeping around the corner, making our way towards the stairs where you can see a sliver of the doorway where the board was at to the top left from the bottom step….We find our dog stiff as a board, tail out, head down, flat back…intently glaring into the room with a red glow to his eyes (like red eyes in photos)…& Us 4 girls are pleading his name to COME, COME, COME! & It’s as if he didnt hear us at all…it took what felt like forever (maybe 1 min) for him to snap out of that hold he was in and come downstairs to us! There was absolutely something in our house that was completely outside the possibilities of me manipulating it myself…even unconsciously! So yes it Real! I haven’t played since until tonight my friend and I attempted to contact my mom who’s deceased….No Luck!

  6. Does paper Ouija boards work? Me and my friends were playing it and it seemed to answer but, we don’t know. some of us believe it doers work but some do not……our school is so far (we think) is haunted because we have seen some creepy and scary stuff happened, it mostly happened in our band and computer room. Even our band teacher says she has saw some stuff happen. We have recently been talking to a girl named little Susie on the paper Ouija board. Real or fake, we would love to know.

    1. One of the first boards I used was made from paper. I find that it was super fun and worked. However, I wouldn’t be so hung up on the “real or fake” part. I just think that you should play it for fun. If you notice that more things happen outside of the board, like the spirits flicker the lights or candles on command, then you can determine if it’s actually a spirit. But right now it might be the collective conscious of you and your friends. Keep it light, keep it positive! 😀

    1. hey my name is keyanna what do it mean to talk to spirts on the Ouija broad cause i was wondering cause i can talk to ghosts in my sleep like one day i had a dream that i was down a hall and the ghost came up to me she should me how she died bye holding my hand and showed me how she died in a room like should i worried and plus i was playing a game with the oujia broad a made and i got a feeling when i buy it it wont work do it work cause i wondering sence i see people play on youtube

  7. I made a homemade Ouija out of cardboard and it works perfectly. I played for the first time last night and I had an amazing experience. I stopped for a couples hours then got back on to play. In the middle of our conversation it kept going to no. I wouldn’t even ask a question. Also I put my Ouija board under my bed and when I tried to pull it out from under my bed it wouldn’t come out. The only thing under my bed was the board. I think the entity was pulling on it from under my bed. I got so creeped out I slept with the lights on. When I woke up this morning I talked to the board again. It was the same spirit saying that he thought is was funny how I freaked out. Should I be worried? The entity feels to have a lot of energy, but I don’t have to force it to goodbye. He said his name is Dovuv. I asked him if he meant Devon and he replied yes. He said he committed suicide and regrets it. When I have the board I always feel like the need to play it to. I also wanted to ask is it true that you can become addicted to the board? ,and what is the safest way to keep this from happening.

    1. I do think it can become addicting the same way chatrooms are addicting. Take a few weeks break from it (like seriously… ignore it or put it somewhere hard to get to) and see where you’re at. If it’s old news, let it be old news. But if you’re called to play it again, play it again. I suggest that you make a habit of playing only on special occasions (this is what I do) like halloween, solstices/equinoxes, or in haunted locations. That way you can still have fun playing it without worrying about it affecting your everyday life.

      1. I just tried the oiuja board because I recently moved and felt energy in some parts of the house. It’s just totally unexplainable. I kept asking questions and nothing. Some questions I asked though I would get chills. All over intense chills. But, only to certain questions I asked! Is that a way of communication? Even though the planchette never moved?

        1. Hi Tiff,

          Yes, it can be a way to communicate. Perhaps try with a pendulum next time if you aren’t getting much results with your board. Also, it could be that the spirits in your new home just don’t have enough energy to move an entire planchette. Hope this helped!

  8. I just wanted to add I’ve been playing for many years on an antique board passed down from family. I had skimmed through many comments, and something for you all to know….
    *If you want to really get the game started try placing fingers behind your back with a specific number, ask that number. It will get them going whether they get it right or wrong
    *Dont EVER go into the “game” thinking you’ll be speaking with your relatives that have passed on
    *Always keep in mind these so called “entinties” or energies CAN read your thoughts through your energy. A lot of people will ask a question and channel a response they were hoping it would say or thinking it would say. That is why it is SOOOO important to keep your mind clear while using the ouija board. This will give people false hope and I can’t stress that enough.
    *They will say anything possible to “scare you” and/or make you think too much. For example: the board tends to bring my deceased or ill relatives up to get to me. THATS THEIR GOAL!!! If they can get to you enough, they can control you.
    On the contrary of what people say you can play alone, just know what the hell you’re doing. If the it starts going in “figure 8’s”, circles, counting numbers slowly (downward), or A-Z GET RID OF IT, or tell it to stop and stop the planchette yourself (I use a shot glass, but all works)
    I myself brush them right off, which is best. Talk to the board like you would any person, don’t talk special…. Though there are many other things these are some of your main ones…
    Have fun yes, but don’t be stupid!!!

    1. This comment is GOLD. I wish I could pin comments to the top like I could on YouTube. I also want to add that no one should ever play if they aren’t comfortable and willing. It can be scary, and channeling the negative energy of someone being forced to play or who is super scared it not good. <3

      1. Absolutely right…. Forcing someone to play can either not make it work at all, due to the racing fear in their mind and lack of concentration, or it could end in manipulation of that person also.
        We’re on the same page, I do like your post. A lot of people say they’re so called “life ruining boards”, but as long as you have an idea of what you’re getting in and understand its your board and you control it, people wouldn’t have so many problems.

        1. Ok so I just played one of these so called ouija boards and didn’t nothing happen but right now I’m sitting outside because I played with the board alone and I was in the house by myself and you know what happens then people dieeeerr.

  9. Hi there! I love your posts! I have a quick question and my internet cut out so I’m not sure if my other one posted/was sent. My mother, father and I were using the ouija board in hopes to contact my grandparents, my dads parents and we believed we did after they answered a series of questions only my grandparents would know. Well eventually my father felt he needed extra reassurance that it was indeed them, and I asked them to give us a sign they were with us. As soon as I finished that sentence all the power in our whole house went out for about 15-20 seconds then came back on. We took this as a sign of them saying “hello!! Yes it’s me I’m here!!” As my father had been “quizzing” them with specific questions for quite some time. It was a perfectly clear night with hardly any wind and my neighbor said his power never went out. Any chance you know what this could mean?! Please let me know thank you!!

    1. Hi Danielle, I’m glad you like my posts! It sounds to me like you and your family know exactly what it means. I think it’s really awesome that you did a little bit of investigating to figure out if the power going out for 20 seconds was paranormal or not. My next steps in this situation would be to contact your family in the means that your spirituality suggests—prayer, meditation, dreams, etc. and see if you’re able to communicate with them that way. It sounds like your grandparents are near your family all the time if they have enough energy to cause the power to go out.

      I think this experience is amazing and validating! I’m so happy you got to have it. 🙂

  10. I was playing a ouija board and my friend asked when I was going to die. It moved to N then to the O. It started moving to the W but I forced it to goodbye. Should I be worried?

  11. so i made a ouija board, and im not really afraid to try it, but i have a kinda feeling it won’t work. just because i don’t have an exact place to do it, in the place i live there arent really old and haunted places. and also we’re only two people planning to play it, should there be more?
    and besides that all, i don’t have any proof of things happening in my house, but a few months ago, i’ve heard strange noises usually around 3am in my house, and a lot of suspicions things like that happened, and also i thought it was all my mind making this up, so i had to ask if my sister hears and sees any figure, and she told me shes been hearing the same exact noises and saw a kind of dark figure around the house, which i’ve also seen and i have also seen old times faces, to be exact a lady.
    so, do you have any comment around this, and also should i do this, and is it a possible that my house is haunted ?

    1. Hmm. It sounds like there potentially is a spirit in your house. It might be residual, meaning it’s actually the house projecting the spirit, and not a trapped soul (confusing, I know), which means it won’t play Ouija with you. However, I say try it out anyway! Or, if you’re too nervous, start with a pendulum. 🙂

    1. I suggest to stop playing with the board if it spells out Zozo. Zozo isn’t an actual deity, but it’s a way to sort of “open” the board… sort of. There is a theory that boards are portals. I’ve come to not really believe that, only because I don’t believe in portals in general. I believe we all exist in the same place, just on different planes, and so when using a ouija board, you and the spirits’ energies and vibrations are linking on to the same plane.

      Anyway, by repeatedly going back and forth between two letters, the entire alphabet, 9 and 0, Yes and No, etc., there is a theory that the board can become a portal to “the other side” thus letting ghosts or whatever into this realm. The theory is that it is like a computer virus or glitch. That the spirit on the other side figured out a way to come back to the physical world and they are repeating Zozo, Zaza, or Mama. Like I said, I don’t really believe the universe works that way. But better to be safe than sorry and to stop playing the board.

      It’s also been deemed fake and from a creepypasta too. 🙂 You can read the creepypasta about the Zozo phenomenon here: http://www.creepypasta.com/zozo-phenomenon/

  12. Well, I am hard of hearing and some people that I think I want to contact are deaf like my grandfather… Should I sign? I don’t know? I mean because we are supposed to keeps fingers on the planchette and I feel like I have to sign in order for some deaf spirits to answer? Does it even matter? Like if I talk will it still work?

    1. I’ve done ouija (albeit with I’ve been trying to communicate with my own self conscious) where I just ask questions inside my head. Also, I think if you are comfortable speaking aloud to do so. Spirits no longer have limitations of their physical bodies, so they should hear you if you speak aloud. Or you can decide to sign to them and try and get their attention. You would have to keep your vibration and energy up and strong though, since your hands would be coming on and off the planchette often. There might be other methods for you to contact spirits than Ouija (like using Tarot specifically for spirit communication, pendulums, etc.)

      Please let me know what other suggestions/questions/options you think might work for you because I would love to hear them!

  13. I just played on a homemade ouija board with three of my friends. My little brother has an “imaginary” friend and he calls him tree. Well I asked to speak with tree. A 5 year old boy came to me. (My little brother is five and told me that trees parents were shot and killed by “parent killers” and tree has been with him since he was born.) well I asked if tree was his real name and he said no. It was Peter. I asked if his parents were killed. And he said yes, and when I asked him how he simply said “gun”. And then he said 666 and said SOS. The shotglass moved to the moon and then said Derek. Turns out, derek will not let Peter cross over. Is there any way that I can save Peter and help him cross over to the light? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hello Dylan! Thanks for reaching out. I suggest taking time to strengthen your spiritual boundaries first (like your aura) before helping Peter cross over because you seem pretty young and since there is another entity there preventing Peter from moving on (Derek), he could potentially harm your spiritually. I suggest meditating and focusing on building up lots of golden light around you. Just sit down, eyes closed, in a quite place for about 5-15 minutes, and visualize your aura. The aura is like a glowing mist that surrounds you completely and houses your energy field. Visualize that mist becoming denser, forming a bright, golden light. Try to visualize this light getting denser, more blindingly bright, and warmer around you. Visualize it for as long as you can, repeating to yourself that you are strong.

      Then, after you’ve practiced this strengthening meditation for about a week, contact Peter again, but not on the Ouija Board. I suggest grabbing your brother’s hand, going to a place where Peter frequently plays with your brother, and then speaking to him out loud, concentrating very hard. Visualize that golden light around you again, and extend it to your brother to protect him as well.

      Then say something like this to Peter: “Peter, if you are alone, please come forward to us. Use all the energy you have to build a protective, golden light around you. We are here to protect you as you make your journey across”. Pay attention to the energy in the room. If you start to feel tired, but positive, that means it’s working. If you feel like there is something creepy or scary around you, continue focusing on your protective gold light, but tell Peter that you’ll have to try again later. Just keep trying until your younger brother no longer sees “tree” or Peter.

      I hope this helped!

  14. I’m here with my sisters playing and so far we are being followed by this family 5 kids and a mom well what we’ve found out is that the mom is hurting to kids and the dad did bad things to the 2 sisters. Two of the oldest siblings have passed on aka gone to the light and well the other kids keep asking for help but mama keeps taking them from us if you could help that would be great we really appreciate it.

    1. Hey Makayla. All of the family members are contacting you the ouija board, correct? Have you experienced any contact outside of the board (poltergeist activity, disembodied voices, apparitions, etc.)? If you are getting contact outside of the board, I would take extra precautions when trying to help the spirits move on. Also, have you actually contacted the parents, or are you only able to contact the kids? If you are only having a conversation with the kids, then I would focus on moving them on (helping them see “the light” and asking them to not be afraid and step into, as well as finding it in themselves to forgive parents). If you are having issues with the parents, I would first banish the parents from your place. This might be risky because it might cause the kids to be banished as well, but I would definitely sage your place and then put salt on all the window sills and door jams that lead outside. Then once you stopped receiving activity or contact from the parents, you can try to cross the kids over.

      That’s just a quick reply. I am not really sure of your entire situation, but that is what I would do.

        1. Sometimes it doesn’t always work. I’ve used the board hundreds of times, and it has only worked a handful. It all depends on location. My house isn’t really haunted, so it never really works there. It does, however, usually work in places that have a large history. I typically get the best results from old public buildings (like college campuses, libraries, and churches) and The Lake of the Ozarks, which is a large lake in my state I go to often. If you really like using it, try it out in different, spooky places. 🙂 Or maybe just try another night.

    2. Dude this was the same here I played it with some friends and I need help I ask to go and it said good bye and I didn’t want to leave. Ours said that they want mama

      1. Honestly, it all depends on the spirit. I have had experiences where the spirit just stops talking and doesn’t even go to reply. So you have to manually move the board to “GoodBye” to get the session to end.

    3. I have always to try and experience the feelings of speaking to spirits and learn about certain family history through a Ouiji Board

      1. I have never acctualy messed with A Ouiji Board but would like to try it just Once is there anyway to try it online because I do not own an actual Ouiji Board or do have to actually own one to try the experience

        1. Hello Rebecca. The online Ouija boards don’t work only because they are programmed to randomly generate words, names, and dates. What makes the Ouija so special is that you are centering your energy around the planchette, and spirits can tap into that energy and manipulate it. And while you technically don’t need to go out and buy a board, you do need to actually have a physical one.

          Before you go thru and make your board though, I would practice with a a pendulum first. The pendulum is usually a crystal point that hangs from a thin chain. You can use whatever you have (usually lockets or other metal-based necklaces work). Just write on a piece of paper “Yes” and “No” and separate them with a line. Then hold the pendulum, letting it dangle in the middle, between “Yes” and “No” and make sure it is completely still. Try your best not to move it on your own. Then ask a yes or no question and watch the pendulum swing toward its answer. I’ve done this method on many ghost hunts because it’s easier than bringing a board. You may find that the answers are just as spooky and meaningful as on a Ouija board. 🙂 Good luck!

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