October 2017 Tarotscopes

October 2017 Tarotscope

Ah, another month has passed…

It’s time to begin the process over again. And while technically we’re smack dab in the middle of a moon phase right now, the months’ energies give those similar to a moon phase.

So, I decided to pull some October 2017 tarotscopes for all our lovely zodiac signs to see what’s in store for all of us this month. I suggest looking at the outcome for your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign.

Aries – Seven of Pentacles

October 2017 Aries Tarotscope

What intentions did you set during the Solar Eclipse that happened in August? Whatever those intentions were, you’ve been doing a good job of pushing forward and really working toward those goals. You’ve done everything right, truly nurturing your dream.

However, it’s starting to feel fruitless. As if the seed you have sewn are not sprouting. Well, Aries, don’t worry and don’t quit. Things are happening, and soon you’ll find yourself with a full bounty.

This month’s lesson is the value of patience – good things come to those who wait. Discover more of what the universe has in store this month. 

Taurus – Three of Cups

October 2017 Taurus Tarotscope

Okay, Taurus, I know your birthday isn’t in October, but you will be celebrating like it is this month. There will be some super fun and awesome times for you ahead with your friends. I honestly think it’s the Halloween season, but there could be other fun, celebratory events coming up for you this month. Or you could just decide you’re in the party mood more often.

Regardless, you and your friends will find yourselves in some wonderfully bonding situations. Lots of deep talks, fun adventures, and relationship building. Don’t take this month for granted.

This month’s lesson is the importance of friendship. Discover more of what the universe has in store this month.

Gemini – King of Wands

October 2017 Gemini Tarotscope

Mature, intellectual, and passionate, the King of Wands is a fierce, yet loyal, leader. You may find yourself thrust into a position of leadership this month, whether it is within your own heart, or within external institutions – your home, your job, etc.

Take this leadership role in stride. As well, whatever it is you’ll be working on will be incredibly close to your heart. It success will be the driving force this month.

This month’s lesson is taking responsibility for the leadership you have with enthusiasm. Discover more of what the universe has in store this month.

Cancer – Knight of Wands

October 2017 Cancer Tarotscope

You ready to take some risks this month, Cancer? The Knight of Wands is all about following his inspiration to achieve his ultimate dreams! This month you find a dream or a deep passion for yourself that you want to pursue passionately–almost recklessly.

Don’t hesitate on that drive to follow what you love, but the Knight of Wands is also a warning to not get overzealous. He is immature and risky. Sometimes he makes mistakes because he lacks common sense.

This month’s lesson is to follow your passion without being reckless. Discover more of what the universe has in store this month.

Leo – The Hermit

October 2017 Leo Tarotscope

Ah, The Hermit. I have a feeling that this card is out of your comfort zone, Leo. This card is all about reflection, isolation, and sort of being stuck in one’s head.

There was something big, or a culmination of many things, that recently happened – good or bad – that you need to take a rest from. Embrace the energy of the Hermit and take this month to truly do some inner reflection.

This month’s lesson is to take a deep breath and reflect. Discover more of what the universe has in store this month.

Virgo – Judgement

October 2017 Virgo Tarotscope

This card seems to always rub people the wrong way. When many think of judgement, they usually think of it in the sense of the judicial system. They think of persecution, trial, and criticism. However, in this light, Judgment is typically an inner objectivity and rebirth. Usually looking at a situation from an outsider’s perspective and understanding how your opinion or approach should change.

So that’s exactly what you need to focus on this month, Virgo. You might be feeling overemotional or be overthinking a lot this month. Instead of doing so, strive to look at each situation objectively and you might find that this calms your mind.

This month’s lesson is to look at that which is bothering you objectively. Discover more of what the universe has in store this month.

Libra – Ace of Wands

October 2017 Libra Tarotscope

Happy Birthday, Libra! It seems the Ace of Wands brings you its energy for this month, and this is a great card’s energy to have! The Ace of Wands begins the Wands suit, and so it marks a new journey of inspiration, creativity, and spirituality.

This month is all about embracing any new, creative inspiration that comes your way! The Ace of Wands is a card all about taking the leap and making your dreams a reality.

This month’s lesson is to not hesitate on any new idea that comes your way. Discover more of what the universe has in store this month.

Scorpio – Queen of Wands

October 2017 Scorpio Tarotscope

This month you are the Queen, Scorpio! This card shows sort of the “mother” side of the High Priestess. The Queen of Wands is the master of fertility and manifestation, as symbolized by her sunflower and blossoming wand/staff. The small black cat in the forefront of the card also showcases the Queen’s use of the occult or magick to manifest what she desired.

Scorpio, this month you will find your manifestation power increasing. I mean, it is spooky season after all, and close to your birthday. Work your magick this month. You can expect the intention you set during the Solar Eclipse to begin to surface now.

This month’s lesson is to not doubt you inner queen and to use your power to manifest. Discover more of what the universe has in store this month.

Sagittarius – Six of Cups

October 2017 Sagittarius Tarotscope

This card is such a happy little card, as it symbolizes friendship, generosity, and goodwill. You will find yourself with a larger pep in your step and willingness to help those around you.

You will find yourself in a situation where someone needs you dearly. Whether this is a friend needing a shoulder to cry on, or a cause you are passionate about needing funds. Whatever it is, you will feel called to go above and beyond your usual contribution this month.

This month’s lesson is to take pride in giving a helping hand. Discover more of what the universe has in store this month.

Capricorn – Eight of Swords

October 2017 Capricorn Tarotscope

Are you feeling stuck, Capricorn? This month, you may find yourself in a bit of a bind, as show in the Eight of Swords. This card shows a woman, unable to move her arms or see, surrounded by swords. What she doesn’t realize is that she can still walk, and even us a sharp sword close to her to get out of her situation.

In order to guard against that “stuck” feeling, look at your situations this month with some grace and objectivity. Don’t let overthinking or over-exaggerating make you unable to see the solutions all around you. You might even need to be a little creative to turn your problem into a solution.

This month’s lesson is to use your situation to your advantage to avoid getting trapped. Discover more of what the universe has in store this month.

Aquarius – Seven of Wands

October 2017 Aquarius Tarotscope

The Seven of Wands shows a man wielding his wand, batting back the wands of others. This card has been known to symbolize agitation, disagreement, and resistance. Whatever it is you’re working on, Aquarius, will probably find a lot of opposition this month.

Don’t take it personally, Aquarius. You may find that you weren’t able to explain your “thing” to those causing opposition well enough, or those who are resisting just don’t get it. And that’s okay. Not everyone has to take what you’re giving, and you may find that it’s better to stop cluing them into whatever that “thing” is.

This month’s lesson is to not let a little opposition make you quit. Discover more of what the universe has in store this month.


Pisces – Ten of Wands

October 2017 Pisces Tarotscope

If you haven’t started feeling the burn yet, Pisces, you will soon. This card shows hard work, perseverance, and dedication. It also shows burn-out and exhaustion. You got the long haul ahead of you this month, but don’t worry, the village is not really that far away.

Give yourself a lot of compassion this month as you continue working. You’ve been able to carry that pace up until now, but you may find it better for yourself if you slow down a little bit. It is far better to go slow and steady than to face burn-out and quit. You got this, Pisces! There isn’t much longer to go.

This month’s lesson is to push forward, finding balance between hard work and over work. Discover more of what the universe has in store this month.

How is your month going to go?

I personally believe it is always best to discover what your month is bringing in advance, and then to take that energy and make the most of it. Hence why I pulled these October 2017 tarotscopes for you all.

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October 2017 Tarotscope

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