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Do you need some guidance on how to create a ritual that will help you set intentions every month, according to the astrology of the new moon? 

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Get access to New Moon Worksheets every month!

What’s inside each month’s worksheet?

These worksheets are meant to be printed out or recreated in your grimoire to allow you to begin incorporating moon magick into your witchy practice. Follow along with these worksheets and journal your outcomes in your grimoire. Feel free to tweak any of the rituals to fit your practice each month.

The Practical Part

This part of each new moon ritual is designed to be more practical in nature. This part involves a lot of journaling or preparing for your ritual.

The Magickal Part

This is where the magick and spirituality comes into play for your new moon ritual. Meditation, altar work, and tarot spreads are in this section.

Moon Phase Sigil

At the bottom of each worksheet is a small sigil that you can use to help you focus the energy of the moon phase into all of your spiritual work.