I am a Modern Witch, Reclaiming My Title

I am a Modern Witch

I’m trying to be a true professional.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it before, but I’ve joined a site called Meetup. On this site, you can join a bunch of groups and clubs, and go to weekly meetings. People use it for networking, learning something new, or to just find others with similar interests. I figured that this kind of community involvement would help me find some like-minded people (bloggers) and grow my knowledge of relevant topics.

So naturally, I got business cards.

My business card

A Modern Witch & Artist.

I’ll be honest with you. It took so much courage to create that tagline for myself. If you aren’t aware, the term witch isn’t necessarily positive for muggles.

Even though most people know it’s not true, witch is still associated with Satan, evil, and sacrifices. I mean, look at the recent movie The VVitch. Although it is a period piece, the marketing was associated with The Satanic Revival to try and really up the scare-factor. Even though I liked this marketing tactic because I think it truly scared a lot of people, I think it reinforced the stereotype that witches are these evil women who are kidnapping and killing babies.

And yeah we use flying ointment but c’mon.

And so, with all the different negative interpretations of witch flying around in my head (on a broom, nonetheless), I still wrote it down as my title on my business card. Because it’s a part of my profession as a blogger. Because it’s a part of who I am.

Because I’m reclaiming it.

In the 90’s, Wiccans and witches would try and use the term white witch to convince their Christian/mainstream religious friends that they, in fact, were not baby-killing, broom-flying, demonic women. It was a way for witches to be able to practice their craft without their reputations or relationships being burned at the stake.

In my humble opinion, it shouldn’t have to be this way.

And luckily, after countless movies and TV shows about modern witchcraft arose (like The Craft), the idea of witchcraft is no longer as controversial. In fact, it’s gotten trendy.

P.S. I had a hard time finding research on whether this was the case, culturally. Let me know down below if I’m wrong in this aspect.

I’m a Modern Witch, and I’m proud.

I’m not going to try and sugarcoat it by saying I’m some kind of “white witch” or “good witch” or whatever. I’m a witch. That’s it.

Are you a good witch or a bad witch gif

Are you reclaiming the word Witch?

If you’re not using the word witch to define yourself even if you practice witchcraft, what words do you use? I am incredibly interested in hearing the labels you place upon yourself to define your spirituality. Do you use a label at all?

If you’re still interested in learning about what it means to reclaim the word witch, I suggest reading this awesome essay from 1998.

x0- Vella

2 thoughts on “I am a Modern Witch, Reclaiming My Title

  1. Wow. Thank you. Bless you. I have been feeling this way for so so long and have only recently started being real with people about my being a witch. I’ve had people ask me about the dark or white and what I do and who I curse….it absolUtely has become mainstream and popular…but they’ll never truly grasp the truth of the reality they claim until they face the truth which they ignore. As a Virgo/Libra witch, ha! I have to understand the balance of both light and dark, inner demons and external shadows with the love and warm protecting light… I see so much and no one has a clue. No one understands why I face this balance, but that is because it is almost a language.Well, love, you do, so thank you so much. I definitely had a tear-jerking reaction.


    1. I am so glad you were able to connect with this post so well. I’m actually really happy that witchcraft is becoming mainstream because it makes it a lot easier for us witches to connect. But I do roll my eyes when people ask if I’m a “dark” or “light” witch. I’m so glad you were able to find warmth or clarity in my post!

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