A Mini Spring Cleaning Ritual

A Mini Spring Cleaning Ritual

Wait, it’s spring cleaning time already?

Okay, maybe it’s technically not spring yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start getting our sacred spaces ready for when the equinox does come…

I had yesterday off from work so I figured it was the perfect time to clean my altar and magickal tools for the upcoming moon cycle. While I did my normal tidying, I also went ahead and did a quick magickal cleaning and clearing ritual for some of my most-used tools.

A quick smoke…

I started the ritual by cleaning my crystal collection, specifically the crystals I use the most. While a good, thorough cleansing and charging is appropriate every few full moons, a quick cleaning can do your crystal work some good.

By using smoke as the spring cleaning method here, you’re not running the risk of ruining a crystal due to exposure to water or salt.

Use smoke to cleanse tools in this mini spring cleaning ritual

How To:

  1. Burn something that produces safe smoke: a sage bundle, a palo santo stick, a candle, or incense.
  2. Waft the smoke toward your crystal collection or hold each individual crystal above the smoke.
  3. Repeat the phrase: “This smoke draws out any clogged energies and carries them far away.”

A salt massage…

The next phase of the spring cleaning ritual is to clean any sacred or special notebooks, grimoires, or books of shadow. I decided to cleanse my planner, since it holds my moon phase ritual schedules & some tarot readings.

Rub salt on grimoires in this mini spring cleaning ritual

How To:

  1. Open your book to certain pages that you’ve been using frequently or that might need the most spring cleaning.
  2. Sprinkle some coarse salt over the pagesโ€”I always use coarse kosher salt here.
  3. Begin rubbing the salt into the pages in a clock-wise motion. Don’t rub too hard or else you’ll damage the page.
  4. Repeat the phrase: “This salt exfoliates away any rough energies from my work.”

An oil bath…

If you aren’t aware already, the majority of the magick and manifesting that I do is in the form of makeup, beauty, and fashion. Therefore, my most used tools are my makeup brushes. I frequently wash these like everyone else, but about once a month I wash them energetically.

Yesterday I decided to do a really quick magickal wash, but you can watch my in-depth version here.

Clean your brushes in this mini spring cleaning ritual

How To:

Use oils in your mini spring cleaning ritual
I used a tiny tin lid to mix my oils in.
  1. Wash all of your makeup brushes like you usually do. I use warm water and Castile soap for this. Make sure your brushes are free of makeup.
  2. Using a small bowl or jar, add 10 drops of a carrier oil (I used sesame, but coconut, jojoba, Moroccan, or argon oil will work).
  3. Add 3 drops of sweet orange essential oil.
  4. Add 5 drops of jasmine oil.
  5. Dip your index finger in the oil and using your index and thumb, rub the oils into the bristles of the brush. Make sure the oils coat all the bristles, but do not saturate the brush. If you need to, you can use a clean, dry towel to wipe off any excess.
  6. Repeat the phrase: “These oils provide a cleansing, loving, and energizing energy to my brushes.”

Who knew spring cleaning could be so easy?

Okay maybe it’s not super easy, but this mini spring cleaning ritual is meant to help take a little bit of the stress off the massive amounts of cleaning that you need to complete in just a few hours…ย (Just me? Alright then.)

What tools do you use the most in your daily, witchy life? I understand that everyone uses different tools based on their practice. But I hope that this mini ritual inspired you to take what you could (using smoke is always a great cleansing method) and create your own mini ritual.

Don’t forget to check out the self-love ritual I showed in my latest video. Or if you’re looking for some rose quartz inspiration, read my most recent blog post!

x0 Vella

2 thoughts on “A Mini Spring Cleaning Ritual

  1. Thanks Vella! I haven’t even thought of cleansing specific items, except crystals.
    Sharing this with my newsletter readers- April’s issue is all about magick spring cleaning and spiritual self care.

    All the best,

    1. Hey Svet,

      Thanks for linking me over to your newsletter readers. I really appreciate it! ๐Ÿ™‚ And I cleanse literally everything spiritually. Haha. I’m kind of a magickal clean-freak!

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