The Magick of New Years Resolutions

The Magick of New Years Resolutions

Every January 1st, I make a bunch of vague resolutions that I hope to follow through with, like everyone else I know. But this year, I’ve been on the fence about them. I tried to make one resolution on the “Pagan New Year”—Samhain—and failed miserably. (Don’t worry, trying to do Y+1 again is a goal for 2016). The failure was making me unmotivated and disappointed. I didn’t want to put so much work into planning my New Year and not even follow through. Then I realized, that maybe with a little intent and magick, I could create the new year I wanted.

Focus, intent and self-discipline are my biggest weaknesses.

I think my biggest mistake in the past has always been putting intent into the planning stages of any of my resolutions (or any goals, really), and that’s it. I love planning things, but not necessarily doing, and I didn’t even realize this until about a week ago during the holidays when I actually followed through with my gift wrapping plans, and I was so surprised and proud of myself. But usually, I never follow through. This lack of intent affects me every day in all aspects of life. I think that if I worked to be disciplined and to focus my energy into living an intentional life, I would be a better witch.

Intention has become my number one resolution.

I only have two other resolutions: to slow down and to make my blog a main source of income by 2017. Although I really don’t like vague resolutions, I figured that by having one very specific resolution, or goal, my few basic resolutions could be used as supplemental goals. I’m not really sure how that’s going to work, but I will figure it out as the year goes along (I hope).

One way that I have been able to get some of my more vague resolutions to work in the past is by creating mantras. Mantras are essentially a few words or a phrase you can repeat to yourself to create a state of mind. My mantras for 2016 are:

  1.  Slow down
  2. Be intentional
  3. November Legend is the goal

As you can see, my mantras are really quick, easy to remember, and immediately reflective of my goals for 2016. To be honest, mantras are easier for me to come up with than resolutions sometimes.

So how do I make the New Year magickal?

I adapted a pretty basic goal-setting ritual to be my resolutions ritual. This ritual doesn’t necessarily have to be completed on New Years.

What you’ll need:

  • Small pieces of paper
  • White candle
  • Lighter, matches, etc.
  • Pen or pencil
  • Small bowl or plate to collect ashes

Like most quick goal-setting rituals, all you really do is write some goals on a piece of paper, and then burn them. This kind of ritual can also be used to banish negativity. What I wish to do is to set my resolutions out into the universe so they are not only mental, but physical and spiritual as well.

I plan to burn all three of my New Year’s resolutions over the white candle, a symbol of purity and infancy, and collect the ashes in a small dish. Once burned, I will throw the ashes into night (a sacred time for me) to give to the universe. Of course, I don’t plan on using this as a way to make the universe do the work for me. Like I said, I figured this ritual would be a good way of setting my goals in all three plains: mental, physical, and spiritual.

Living Intentionally Resolution

As I am tossing my resolutions’ ashes into the darkness, I do wish to say some words. Probably something like:

“In the night as these ashes fall, so mote it be, resolutions and all”

Of course… you don’t have to rhyme.

Besides my resolution ritual, I am going to start up the Year and a Day study again. I never truly got anything done with it in October, except a few draft entries that I was too afraid to permanently place in my beautiful journal. Let’s just say that I got over that. You can follow along and subscribe to my mailing list (sidebar) to be updated on the prompts for each week!

As well, there are a few more goals I have for just January that I am hoping to conquer! I’m going to cross my fingers and strive to make 2016 my year to change myself for the better, even if it is just a little bit at a time.

In fact, I know 2016 will be my year.

But how are you feeling about 2016’s approach? I know quite a few people who are pretty apprehensive, but I think they just don’t like change. Let me know your resolutions in the comments below. I would love to read about your experiences coming up with rituals to truly make your goals seem solid and strong.

x0x– Vella

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