Was I Initiated Into Witchcraft: 3 Milestones Every Witch Hits

Was I Initiated Into Witchcraft? 3 Milestones Every Witch Hits

I love how this year’s YouTube Pagan Challenge is so personal.

The questions for this year’s challenge just seem so much more personal. You know, asking the right questions. I felt like it’d be important to address a more personal question in this blog post as well to go along with the questions asked in this month’s video.

What questions were asked?

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Was I ever initiated into witchcraft?

Short answer: no. Long answer: sort of?

I have definitely never joined a true coven. Yeah, sure, I believe any grouping or gathering of witches (especially women witches) to be consider a coven, but I haven’t actually joined a for real one… If you know what I’m saying.

However, I have given myself a small, unofficial initiation. Basically, I believe there are 3 distinct initiations or milestones that every witch goes through in their life time.

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1. Buying your first grimoire

Even if it’s just a $0.79 spiral notebook you got Target, buying a notebook with the purpose of putting magickal or spiritual work into it is enough of a initiation that it sort of deserves it’s own celebration. This is just one step of being initiated into witchcraft.

Once you buy your first grimoire though, you’ll probably fall into a similar trap that I have and now buy dozens of notebooks to use for witchy stuff just because they look pretty.

Buying your first grimoire is truly an initiation on its own

2. Casting your first spell

Or working with your first deity. I recognize that not every pagan technically casts spells. But having your first major spiritual event is very important, especially if you weren’t raised in this spirituality. And even more so with spells. Seeing your own energy and power in action to manifest something is incredible, and is a huge part of being informally initiated into witchcraft.

In fact, it’s so incredible that I celebrate every time one of my spells takes off and delivers the response I was expecting.

Completing your first spell is like initiating yourself into your practice... by practicing!

3. Coming out of the broom closet

This is a no-brainer in my opinion. Once you’re out of the broom closet, you are now that person that other people rely on to always have the best halloween decor (and you will, trust me). Or you’ll be ‘my Wiccan friend,” even if you’re not Wiccan.

But coming out of the broom closet is a big deal. I would love to celebrate this milestone with you. I mean, I came out of the broom closet by printing it on a business card.

I came out of the broom closet by sharing my witchiness on a business card!

No, you don’t need a formal initiation to be initiated into witchcraft.

Sometimes it urks me to think that other people don’t feel validated as witches because they were never formally initiated, given a rite of passage, or a coming-of-age ritual or something similar. If you’re making magick, you’re a witch, and I will gladly let you into my coven.

In what ways have you gone through initiations in your witchy life? Have you met all 3 milestones yet, or are you still going though those parts of your journey?

x0 Vella


How were you initiated into witchcraft?




One thought on “Was I Initiated Into Witchcraft: 3 Milestones Every Witch Hits

  1. Hello, I am a male Witch. I have also been a Registered Nurse for nearly 50 years (for 31 of that I was an Operating Room Nurse. I was never formally initiated into a coven , but my Grandmother (on my Father’s side) was a Witch. I learned quite a lot from her. The most important thing took away from her was that a practitioner of the Craft should never use it to harm others. One of the skills I learned from her was the ability to cure by the laying on of hands. Once, while we were getting our assignments for the day in the OR, a fellow Nurse complained of a severe headache. I placed my hands on her head, lightly, and took away her headache. I stored it away and placed it in a vessel where it could do no harm. Later, after leaving my Grandmother, I learned that a male Witch has the power to satisfy his lover in ways that she had never imagined. This is partly to do with learning to control your own reactions and to bend your actions to pleasing your lover. I had one lover whose husband was neglecting her. The first time we made love she was amazed that she had experienced multiple orgasms and that we had eventually had .simultaneous orgasms. After that She expected to visit me every night and sleep with me whenever she was able (her husband worked 12-hour night shifts.) I finally convinced her to seduce her own husband, using some of the things I had taught her. Even though her husband started paying more attention to her needs, I still occasionally got surprise visits from her. Once she showed up at my front door wearing only a raincoat.

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