Imbolc Ritual Bath featuring Happy Place Bath Co.

Imbolc Ritual Bath featuring Happy Place Bath Co!

Do you ever feel like starting over?

I know I do. In fact, if you have been paying attention at all, you know that I start over a lot. But what about times when you know you can’t really start over all the way? You want a fresh start, bbbuutttt you don’t really feel like quitting your job, moving across the country, and changing your name. That’s where baths come in.


Imbolc is about beginnings.

And cleansing, planting seeds, and being reborn. Deciding to having a relaxing ritual bath to celebrate Imbolc is a great way to get that renewed feeling back into your life. It is as simple as drawing a bath, soaking, and visualizing all the burden, stress, and negativity of life rolling off you into the waters as you relax.

But anyone can just take a bath.

That’s why I decided to share with you how I took my Imbolc ritual bath (yes, early), so you can maximize your relaxation. You get to see all the awesome products I used, including an amazing bath melt from Happy Place Bath Co., one of the best (and cheapest) pampering shops on Etsy!

Before you even think about starting your bath though, you should truly think about all the things you wish to drop out of your life, and all the new intention you want to manifest for Imbolc. Remember, Imbolc roughly means “in the belly,” symbolizing something being created and soon to be born. Nurture whatever it is that you wish to bring into the world and allow yourself a clean start!

Imbolc Ritual Bath featuring Happy Place Bath Co

Drawing the ritual bath.

I started by drawing a nice, warm bath. Now, you can decide to add whatever you’d like to your ritual bath, but I went ahead and added three things right off the bat. First was my Moon Bath Melt from Happy Place Bath Co. Although my bath melt doesn’t look as pretty as the Etsy picture (due to poor handling on my part), it was absolutely amazing! It had a subtle, but soothing, scent–I’m guessing lavender–and it melted immediately. It turned my bath water a beautiful shade of dusky purple, which is honestly one of my favorite colors.

Imbolc Ritual Bath featuring Happy Place Bath Co

Honestly, I have never been so impressed with a bath melt.

Then I added in one of Lush’s Mango Bath Melts, which couldn’t compare. I added it to bump up the amount of oils in the bath because I wanted to be very moisturized when I got out, since baths make my skin very dry. Luckily the Mango Melt didn’t overpower the Moon Melt, and it made the water super silky.

Imbolc Ritual Bath featuring Happy Place Bath Co

And then to add a little more fragrance, I splashed a few drops of my lavender and jasmine essential oils into the water.

This may seem like a lot for just a bath, but since I would consider this a ritual bath, I wanted to almost anoint myself with the oil. I wanted to absorb it into my skin, feel its properties, and use the aromatherapy to clear my mind.

Imbolc Ritual Bath featuring Happy Place Bath Co

And it was fabulous.

The soaking, relaxing, and visualizing is the most important part of this ritual bath. You want to use this as prime meditation time to truly think over your goals, what you’ve accomplish since New Years, and what you are wanting to achieve in the upcoming months.

I used my time in the bath to think over what I wanted to get done for February with the blog, as well as visualize how it would feel to be more physically fit and energized. I also imagined all the negativity that has manifested itself over the last few months being drawn out of my skin (that’s kind of gross…) and then sucked down the drain.

Remember, Imbolc is the holiday of spring cleaning.

Imbolc is a time of getting the ball rolling by planting your seeds and truly bringing about intention and change in your life by clearing away all the clutter from your physical, mental, and spiritual environment.

As I switch over to February, I am going to stop focusing so much on just creating intention, and instead doing it and using it magickally. I might need a few days to truly understand how to use the intention I’ve been building inside myself, but all-in-all, it’s time to act.

What is your favorite ritual or celebration for Imbolc? Do you even go all out to celebrate, or do you just sort of do a little something here and there? You can watch my Imbolc vlog tomorrow morning on my YouTube channel! I can’t wait to share how I celebrated! And don’t forget to check out the Happy Place Bath Co!

x0x– Vella

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