Five Steps to Hold a Seance Alone for Halloween

How to Hold a Seance Alone

It’s the season of the seance!

It seems that at this time of the year, the spookier a situation, the better. I even find myself more apt to dive into the spirit realm.

Unfortunately, I don’t have many ghost-loving people around me (in person, at least). So with some practice, I have devised a method to hold a seance alone.

Lest be warned: it’s dangerous!

Practice is key. I personally think it is best to start by attending a large seance held by a local medium or ghost hunting group so you know what to expect. Don’t hold a seance alone if you’ve never done it. It IS dangerous. There are a lot of warnings about communicating with the dead, and I think they should be heeded. But this post is not about that. It’s to give you a guide to hold a seance alone.

These methods, although some are protective, will not PREVENT any negative energies from being reached! These methods will help ward against them, but not completely shield from negativity. That is all on you.

So how do you do it?

First thing you want to do is set up the basics! Find somewhere that is comfortable to sit at for a long period of time, in a distraction-less room. Also, you’ll need a table.

How to Hold a Seance Alone

Step 1 – You’ll need things:

Salt or Sage

These two tools I use to cleanse the space before and after I hold a seance alone. I begin by clearing the air around me with the sage smoke, then I sprinkle salt all over the working space before doing anything. Salt is known for it’s “barrier” power keeping negativity at bay. (I mean, have you seen Supernatural?)


Umm… you need vibes, right?


Black obsidian or tourmaline, rose quartz, and clear quartz in a small grid are perfect to create a positive and warm space for your seance. The black stones absorb the negativity and protect from it, while the clear quartz moves that negativity outward. Finally, the rose quartz replaces the negativity with love. Oh, and vibes vibes vibess.

Divination Tools

These can be anything from tarot cards, a pendulum, to just a piece of paper and a crayon to do some automatic writing. Or even better, a Ouija board! But don’t worry about the specifics now, we’ll get on to that in step two!

Recording Tools

These tools can be very important when it comes to the authenticity of a seance. When I hold a seance alone, I always bring my digital voice recorder, a pen and notebook, and sometimes I even take a video. If you find yourself not as prepared, your smart phone will work. (My iPhone has Notepad, Camera, and Voice Recorder as built-in apps; very useful!)

Step Two – Prepare for your level:

The actual communication during the seance is the most important part. The first step is to identify with whom you’d like to contact.

As a beginner, I highly suggest contacting your higher self. This way, you are not calling out to any spirits, but to just an elevated version of yourself. This concept of having a seance as a form of meditation is good practice for the real deal! I suggest using tarot cards or runes for this; these tools were designed to read the psyche. You will most likely not achieve great spiritual connection with these tools, so put them back down if you are planning on having a conversation with someone from the spirit world.

If you are feeling a little more advanced, then the next step would obviously be spirit connection. Contacting spirit guides or close ones who have passed is best.

Always have someone in mind when conducting a spirit-communication seance. Never just leave the metaphorical door open.

How to Hold a Seance Alone

Step Three – What to use:

There are multiple options when trying to communicate with the dead. There are rumors of mediums just setting an empty chair in front of them and inviting ghosts to have a chat! However, my methods rely a little more on actual tools than just my (basically non-existent) “psychic abilities”.

The tools I suggest are Ouija boards, pendulums, pen and paper for automatic writing, or DIY versions of these tools. Communicating with the dead is really not that hard, but you do need the right equipment.

I find that pendulums are the least “spooky”. They allow you to ask questions and communicate without actually having a full conversation since it’s just yes and no questions.

Obviously, Ouija boards are my favorite choice. I find them to be nice and chilling for the Halloween season. I can ask deeper questions when I hold a seance alone. With this tool, you can have almost an entire conversation with someone from the other side. But similar to a chat room, you never really know exactly who you’re talking to.

Another method is automatic writing. I personally haven’t gotten the hang of automatic writing. Basically, you allow a spirit to completely use your hand and arm to write something down via channeling. It is definitely not something for the beginner. Usually mediums use this method.

And lastly, feel free to find any other DIY method that works for you.

Step Four – Hold that seance, boo!

Of course, you need to know how to use the divination tools before you can hold a seance alone. I suggest doing a lot of research about your tool of choice plus lots of practice before even jumping in. Don’t forget to follow the cleansing steps and mentally prepare yourself.

However, once you feel ready to go, go! It’s that simple!

Don’t forget to record your conversation in the notebook as the seance unfolds. Oh, and hit that record button on the voice recorder and video camera!

How to Hold a Seance Alone

Step Five – Review everything:

Once you have taken note of everything that was said in the notebook and closed the seance, it’s basically up to you to decide when, how, and where you will review your session.

After the seance, I take the time to meditate and do a little self care. Then, I review and study all the evidence.

Are you ready to hold a seance alone?

It isn’t that hard to hold a seance alone. It’s all about practice, drive, and mind-set. It really isn’t as scary as it looks in the movies—I mean, you’re not trying to converse with a zombie.

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Do you think you’ll ever hold a seance alone? Let me know in the comments below!

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How to Hold a Seance Alone