Gratitude Sigil for Standing Rock

A gratitude sigil I created for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Happy Almost Thanksgiving!

Yay, right? Not really.

I sort of despise Thanksgiving because of its very real and horrifying history. Just to let you know, this blog post is very different from what I usually talk about.

This Thanksgiving, we need to take action and fight against all that is hurting our nation and environment, specifically the Dakota Access Pipeline. DAPL would be detrimental to the lives of the Dakota, Lakota, and other Native American people who live on the reservation that the Pipeline would travel through. It would tamper with their drinking water, but more importantly (to witches, anyway), it would disturb a sacred burial ground.

We need to take action and do it fast.

The northern winter is taking a toll on those strong people who are apart of or camping with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota. Now is the time to show your gratitude. Stand with Standing Rock: donate, sign the petition, and stay up-to-date. If you CAN afford it and wish to do more, support Sacred Stone Camp’s Amazon Wishlist.

I decided to sign the petition and donate $20 based on my ability to give.

But I wanted to do more

As a witch, I naturally wanted to do something specifically with my craft to help those people at Standing Rock. I cannot physically go to the Standing Rock Sioux reservation (I can’t afford to take off work, tbh), so I decided to send my energy.

So I created a quick gratitude ritual that allows you to send that gratitude and thanks to Standing Rock right in time for Thanksgiving.

(Why gratitude? Well, unless you are a part of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, most likely, you don’t have much skin in the game. Your sacred land and drinking water isn’t at stake here. Be GRATEFUL that you are able to sleep in a warm bed free from protests, tear gas, and rubber bullets. Plus, Thanksgiving right?)

Gratitude Ritual

Grab a candle, a notebook, and pen. Light your candle, take a few deep breaths to ground yourself, and write down 3-5 things you’re grateful for. Really pay attenion and once you’re done, reflect over any themes that came across. Try to condense your gratitude down to one word. Just one.

My gratitude list of 5 things I'm grateful for.

Now we’re going to make a sigil with that word. Let’s say the word is GRATITUDE. Remove all the vowels from the word, so now we’d get GRTTD. Remove any repeating letters: GRTD. Now arrange those few letters into a symbol; it doesn’t have to look anything like the word at all. Write your symbol down on its own piece of paper from your notebook and really meditate on it. Put healing, strong, and grateful energy into it. Take your time for this.

My gratitude sigil I created based on the word Priviledge

Finally, grab your candle and head outside into the cold air. Feel the air on your skin and be grateful that you are not sleeping out here tonight to protect your sacred land. Hold your lit candle and burn your sigil into it, allowing the ashes and energy of your sigil to flow freely toward Standing Rock. Send your energy there so they can feel the warmth of your gratitude. Finally, when you are ready to be finished, blow out your candle and ground yourself once again.

Lastly, share this blog post and use the hashtag #WitchesWithStandingRock to show your support and spread awareness on how to take action both monetarily and magickally.

x0- Vella

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