Glamour magick: magick you've been doing without knowing it!

Glamour Magick: You might already be a master at it.

Get dressed up for a job interview? ✔️ Glamour magick. Take a relaxing bath to help clear your mind? ✔️ Glamour magick. Wear certain colors to help emphasis a mood? ✔️ Glamour magick. Envision yourself with a different eye color? ✔️ Glamour. Magick.

Even Sarah was doing Glamour Magick

All these examples are instances of glamour magick. Some may seem more mundane or less powerful than others, but nonetheless, this is essentially what glamour magick is.

Here is a definition→

Glamour Magick: Using your aura or appearance to change the energies around you to achieve the outcome you desire.

Now let’s break this down. To begin working some glamour magick (also referred to as just glamour), you need to begin by setting some intentions for what outcome you want. Then, you need to do some actual physical labor of changing your appearance to fit that outcome. Finally, work with the energies around you to ensure that outcome is achieved.

Get that glamour, girl.

Today is the day for your interview. You’re so excited and nervous because this potential job is your dream job and the potential employer has great reviews on Glassdoor. You’re lying in bed, hoping against hope that you get the job right away after the interview. So what do you do to achieve that outcome? Glamour magick of course!

Intention: what outcome do you desire?

This is the first step of the glamour, and the most important step. Without detailing exactly what you want to happen, you may find that your beauty spell goes haywire and instead of getting the dream job, they hire you to do something in a completely different department.

Intention-setting in this stage is important, but you don’t need to do anything fancy here. Any intention-setting rituals you typically do for a spell or ritual will work in this instance.

Appearance: make sure to look the part.

Dress for the job you want, right? It’s time to literally change your appearance so you have a better chance of getting that dream job. Don’t over think it. You know what to do.

But how can you incorporate more magickal aspects into your job interview outfit? In times like these, I always like to ask myself, “How would I get a tool ready for ritual?” and that’s what I try to do to myself. Below are some examples of what you can do to amp up your glamour magick before heading into that job interview:

  • Use color magick and correspondences in the choice of your nail polish. I like to wear bright red to symbolize power, intent, and energy.
  • Draw a sigil on your cheeks with a stick blush before blending it out.
  • Clearly and intently line your lips so you are able to communicate freely and with intention during the interview.
  • Wear a crystal around your neck that will help you radiate confidence, creativity, and hard work, like citrine.
  • Anoint yourself in an oil blend to increase your ability to build key relationships like a blend of tangerine oil, peppermint oil, and rosemary oil.
  • Wear shoes that “click” on the ground so your presence makes a sound with every step.

Aura: harness your energy

So now is the hardest part of your glamour—manipulating you aura to affect the environment around you. By changing your appearance, you’re already slightly controlling your aura, but you will need to do additional energy work to finish the job.

But wait, what is an aura? The simplest definition I found is→

Aura: An electromagnetic energy field that surrounds people, animals, and things.

Affecting and changing your aura is hard, and we don’t do it often. However, if you’ve ever been able to get anyone to instantly like you or can always get yourself out of a punishment, you may have been practicing already. Body language, energy output, and aura focus all come into play.

Without going to deep into this topic (we’ll cover it in another post), here is a simple technique I found to practice controlling your energy field and aura:

Press your palms firmly together and hold them upright against your chest. This should look like a “praying” pose. Now concentrate, and slowly move your palms apart until they are about 2 inches from each other. Stay here and focus on the space between your palms. Notice the pressure between your palms. Is there a temperature fluctuation? What else can you feel on your palms? Now image there is a small, glowing ball of energy forming in that space. As it begins to grow, move your palms farther outward until it is the size of a basketball. As you hold that energy there, whisper your intention into the ball. Then, release the ball of energy to drop over your head like an oversize water balloon.

Let’s talk about more about glamour magick. Watch this→

Do it all at once with a beauty ritual.

Incorporating a beauty ritual into your routine would be the perfect way to do some glamour magick for your job interview. But what is a beauty ritual?

Beauty Ritual: By applying magickal methods to your mundane beauty routine

Instead of thinking of the glamour magick as three separate steps or an entirely separate spell from getting ready, you can instead create one beauty ritual that helps you achieve the glamour you’re looking for within your own regular beauty routine. It takes some effort and planning to create a full ritual, but I think it’s 100% worth it.

And guess what? If you need inspiration for creating your own beauty rituals, you can join The Beauty Witch Coven and receive regular beauty rituals straight to your inbox. They usually correspond to the moon phases of the month, and we even have monthly rituals together over in the Facebook Group.

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Glamour magick: magick you've been doing without knowing it!