Full Moon Spread for Manifesting Intention

Full Moon Tarot Spread

The Full Moon is about following through with intention.

In order to use the phases of the moon in line with your intent, it’s best to conceive the intent during the New Moon, when beginnings are inspired. Then, between the New Moon and Full Moon, nurturing your intent by slowly building toward the goal is usually key. Once the Full Moon shines, giving birth to that intention and really doing will bring it into fruition, so that by the next New Moon you’ve had your closure, and you’re ready to start again.

Yes, yes, yes, there are a lot of baby references there, but making your goal a reality is similar to having a kid. You have to think it, plan it, and then just do it until it either succeeds or doesn’t… Er… okay… maybe this is too much baby talk…

Anyway, the point of the Full Moon is to get ready for action. Build up your energy so you can focus it into your intent!

But what if you don’t know what needs focus?

This is one of my biggest issues when it comes to following through. I know what my goals are, or where I want to be, but I don’t know how to get there. Or my New Moon goals were too vagueOr I might have too many things to focus my energy on, and I stretch myself too thin.

Luckily, I find that tarot helps me organize and implement my thoughts.

The Full Moon Spread for Manifesting Intention

This full moon spread is all about helping you create a plan of attack. You created your goals and came up with what you wanted to focus on during the New Moon, and now it’s time to create an outcome. This spread shows you what you need to be focusing on, what is in your way, and the effects of your focus after the Full Moon has passed.

Full Moon Tarot Spread

1 – The Object in Need of Attention

So you know what your vague goals are for this moon cycle, but you don’t know how to implement those goals… In other words, you don’t know where to focus your intent. So this first card you draw is where you need to focus it. Think about the goal at hand, if you have one, and focus on what needs to be accomplished. This card will help you decipher a direct object to focus your energy and intent.

2 – What Kind of Intention the Object Needs

This one is weird, but necessary, especially if you aren’t really sure what your goals are for this cycle. Think about what you want the conclusion of this manifestation to be. Do you want to be more in love? Do you want to have an organized life? Do you want to stop your shopping habits? Do you want your puppy to stop pooping in your basement… Anyway, the type of goal determines the type of intention, and your tarot card will help you figure it out. Think of this card as determining your methods for really succeeding in your goal.

(Don’t be alarmed if you draw The Devil as your method of sorting out your demon’s–I mean puppy’s–potty issues… He can handle it.)

3 – The Obstacles in Your Way

This card draw is always a staple in any tarot spread. If you’re a newbie, essentially this card is helping you understand the external AND internal obstacles you will face during your work. Sometimes these obstacles aren’t always as obvious as they seem…

4 – What You Can Do to Prevent Those Obstacles

This full moon spread is all about helping you understand where to throw your intention. This spread builds (or manifests) the intention for you, and then shows you where to focus it. Why wouldn’t there be a card making your life easier by telling you the best way to get around your obstacles?

5 – The Purpose of this Intention

This is the why of the whole full moon spread. Why are you doing this? Why do you need to focus your intent in that? Why is it going to help you reach your goals? Sometimes tarot can be confusing and unnerving. Whenever I pull tarot cards, I always try to focus on the why of their reveal. I thought by adding in a specific card, especially when you are unsure of the goal anyway, you can do some deep focusing on the why to truly help you understand how to succeed (and what succeeding would even mean for that goal).

6 – The Outcome of the Manifestation

Are you going to succeed or fail? Some people take what these cards say to heart and think they are set in stone. I don’t. At first this card seems like its going to tell you if you’re wasting your time or not, but I think that you should take it more as a warning. Like hey, here are your chances, but you should still try. If you go about it that way, you always have a better opportunity to beat the odds and truly make your goal a reality.

Knowing what you want doesn’t mean you know how to get it.

And I think this full moon spread is a great way to start off the Full Moon by truly getting to know where to manifest your intention. And remember, there are going to be many Full Moons within your lifetime, so if you can’t quite get it the first time around, the second time will certainly be a stronger, and more focused ritual.

After I have gone through and shown you how I draw tarot cards for the Full Moon, I will say that a lot of people agree that this is a time to begin releasing, and letting your intention flow back down. I disagree. This is a time to let it explode into the universe and really bring your goals and focus to you. Don’t let your energy fade yet! You should use the energy of the moon to make your goals a reality!

I have used spreads like this in the past, ones that I just make up, and I’ve always liked the planning method they give me. A lot of spreads are about life in general, or about this future, but this full moon spread really helps you interpret what you want and how to make it a reality. Let me know if you tried it out! I can’t wait to incorporate it into my Full Moon ritual on Saturday!

x0x– Vella

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