Five Manifestation Tips for the Beauty Witch

5 Manifestation Tips for the Beauty Witch

You can’t just jump into manifestation

Understanding how to manifest what you want using the law of attraction and setting intentions is confusing. Then, adding glamour magick into the mix can make it even more of a headache. There are some universal manifestation tips and suggestions that are floating around the law of attraction space, so I thought it’d be nifty to compile them into a short list for you to place in your grimoire or keep on hand with you anytime you’re ready to manifest!

Some quick manifestation tips

Feel free to save, print out, copy and share the infographic below to use whenever you need a quick tip on the best way to manifest!

1) Like attracts like

In order to get what you want, you need to BE the kind of person who already has it. This means that if you are trying to manifest positivity, you need to also be positive (even if it’s hard). If you’re trying to attract money, you need to pretend that you have the money already.

2) Stay grateful

Find gratitude for what you have AND what you want, and you just might find it coming your way. Your mindset says a lot about how your intention will manifest in your life. So, if you are grateful for even the smallest things, plus release the limitations in your life, you may find that you become more open to allowing the universe to come in.

3) Fake it ’til you make it

Use beauty to change your appearance and surroundings to attract what you want. Changing the energy around you to fake it ’til you make it is the core reason to use glamour magick, even if that glamour magick is just for yourself (i.e. putting on a bunch of makeup at three in the morning for a full moon ritual). Embrace it because you’re going places, girl!

4) Release your intention

Do the work, but don’t forget to release your intention to the universe. Sometimes it pays to let go. At the end of the rituals is the perfect time to release. You need to give the intention to the universe so that it can give back to you.

5) Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse

It’s important to wash away the negative and limiting beliefs that clog your pores and your aura! You can’t be high vibe all the time, but its important to wash away (physically and spiritually) the negative, limiting and energy-sucking beliefs and energies that latch on to you out in the world. You’ll feel better afterwards, trust me.

Want to take your manifestation a step further?

You understand the basics of manifestation and glamour magick, but you aren’t really sure how to combine the two. Totally understandable. I created the Beauty Witch’s Workbook just for this situation to help you create your very own beauty rituals. The workbook is 5 pages long and dives into each step you need to take in order to create glamour magick.

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Five Manifestation Tips Infographic:

Five Manifestation Tips Infographic

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