Finding Spirit Within Myself

Finding Spirit Within Myself

Sometimes, I don’t know where I belong.

I started listening to this podcast, thanks to my friend Athena, called PsychicTeachers. The podcast is not witchy in essence–Samantha is Catholic and Deb is Pagan–but other than that, there is not really much talk about spells, workings, or other specifically pagan or witchy subjects. But the thing about the podcast I love is how often Samantha and Deb talk about intuition, psychic ability, and spirit in general.

When it comes down to it, I am not truly sure where I fall on the “secular” spectrum. Recently I’ve liked the term agnostic witch, so I’ve been going with that. But what kind of sucks about being pretty secular is that I have a very hard time connecting with the spirit side of my life. Sure, sure, I do spells and research deities, but I never feel an actual connection. Even when I meditate, I focus more on just silencing myself than trying to ask questions or even meet my spirit guides.

Yep, I’ve never met my spirit guides.

For some, that’s a very scary situation. Samantha and Deb always talk about asking your guides for advice and looking for signs. But if you don’t know your guides, how do you ask? What kind of sign works?

This has been very difficult.

I really wasn’t expecting to write this blog post today–in my planner was a DIY post on the facial wash I mentioned in January. However, I think expressing this kind of uncertainty is very beneficial for myself and all you other newbies out there.

Being secular is hard.

Right now I’m secular. I don’t feel like I fall within a specific pantheon, and just believing in “it all” feels wrong. But at the same time, I believe deeply in ghosts and spirits, and I will never not  believe in that aspect of “spirit”. But a higher power, or even non-human spirits, well. I still don’t know.

So how can I connect?

I am hoping to take some steps to truly become more connected. There are some awesome meditations to help begin that process, especially if meditation is hard for you, like it is for me. And if you’re an expert, there are more advanced meditations to talk directly with your spirit guides, angels, ancestors, or whoever it is you think guides you in your life.

Another great method that I have been trying to incorporate into my life is going outside and just being in nature… and listening. I’ve also tried to read my own tarot cards more often. I ask questions about myself, think about things I’m struggling with, and then using the cards to help me come to a solution.

Then just straight up asking. When I used to do ghost hunts a lot, and think about spirits all the time, I would ask frequently, “Who is here?” I found that this would make me pay attention to a deeper fabric of reality. To use all my senses to try to feel someone–something–else standing next to me.

But I am just brainstorming here.

This is just the beginning.

This post is not meant to be a How To or a Advice column. This post is about honesty and talking to you guys. Do you find that you struggle to feel any connection with something else? Or does spirit come easily to you? I like the concept as spirit as an element in and of itself, but when that element isn’t necessarily tangible, it is hard to grasp.

Please leave me a comment, email me, or message me about your own experiences with spirit, and what you did to connect! I would love the advice and to hopefully transcend that advice into other blog posts and videos. It’s so nice knowing that you all are always listening! Watch out for a video tomorrow, or a blog post on Monday!

x0x– Vella

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2 thoughts on “Finding Spirit Within Myself

  1. I find that it’s not exactly that I have a problem connecting to spirit (or at least my understanding of what spirit is) so much as I find I struggle with the language to describe what I experience. I have no problem hearing others speak of their spirit guides, angels, connection to various gods/goddesses, etc… but when I try to use that language to describe *my* experiences, I find myself wanting to roll my eyes and tell myself to STFU.

    1. That’s how I feel when I talk about the way I communicate with ghosts. It is definitely weird, and I do sometimes feel like an idiot explaining it, especially if I’m talking to a skeptic.

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