I Failed: Why Intention Doesn’t Work

 I Failed: Why Intention Doesn't Work

If you didn’t notice, I didn’t post anything yet this week.

I usually publish blog posts on Mondays and Fridays, but this Monday I never actually published anything. No, I didn’t die. No, I didn’t get sick or go on vacation. I wasn’t kidnapped, swept off my feet, or even stuck in traffic.

I just failed.

The last six or so days have been utter failure, essentially. I didn’t really post anything on social media, I didn’t update the blog, and worst of all, I never opened my Etsy shop (and it’s still not open)! This month has been focused on intention, so over the past few weeks, I put a lot of energy into planning and goal-setting for the blog. I created a blogging binder, I set task alarms and reminders, and I even have a separate design plan for my Etsy shop. I have all of these great intention-building tools around me that I am using constantly.

But intention does not work…

Wait, wait, wait… Let me explain myself before you close this tab with disgust!

When I first became a witch, I would put a lot of time and energy into creating intention and focusing. I would really visualize what I wanted out of the universe, say some kind of incantation, and then use various tools to help give my intention special meaning. You know, I would do a spell. And once I was done with the spell, I would sit back, relax, and wait for my outcome.

And I would wait. And wait… And… why wouldn’t anything happen?

Because action. Intention does not work without action.

I am a firm believer in action, even if I don’t always act on it (punny, right?). Without action, “creating intention” is really just wishing. And wishing is fine, but unless you are incredibly lucky, it won’t bring you anything. The action, of course, is the most important aspect of successful intention.

And you would think that after failing so many times, despite all that planning, goal-setting, and list-writing, that I would have focused more on the actions to follow through with my goals this time around. But nope, I still continue to repeat bad habits.

So how do I follow through?

Honestly, it isn’t as easy to say “Just Do It” (unless your goals are doing laundry or something). Although there really isn’t a universal way for you to accomplish something, I can tell you my personal process for achievement.

I always start with figuring out my goal, and creating my intention. For me, I need to put myself in this great big bubble of intention and sunshine before I can truly achieve something, especially if it is a big goal. I can do this by performing a spell, or just simply writing a list. I am great at this step.

I Failed: Why Intention Doesn't Work
Here is my blog binder and post list for January! I love making lists!

Next is something I barely do that, in reality, I should be doing every time. So I usually create some kind of vague list. A list of visualizations. A list of tasks I need to do. Maybe a list of things I need. And that’s great, but this is where I get lost and stop. So what I really should be doing is trimming down my plans to actionable steps. Super simple stuff, like “go to the store and get x.” This step gets the ball rolling, and allows me to actually do (if I actually get to this step).

Then, I just do!

Or I should just do… Failing is really sucky, especially when I told people that I was going to have a shop, and then I essentially celebrated before succeeding. Realizing what I did wrong in my methods was pretty eye-opening though, even if it is also very obvious… confusing, right?

Anyway, my shop will hopefully be opened sometime in the future! I don’t know when, so don’t ask. I realized over the weekend that there is a lot more to opening an Etsy shop than I thought, so I need to get over that hurdle before I even do anything.

What are your methods for succeeding? Are you like me, and stop at intention-creating, or do you skip that all together and just start doing? I would love to hear more about the ways you get stuff done!

x0x– Vella

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