The Essentials for Every DIY Scrub Recipe

The Essentials for Every DIY Scrub!

I love making scrubs.

Body scrubs, facial scrubs, lips scrubs—I can make basically every DIY scrub out of household ingredients for my beauty rituals.

And I will be straight up honest with you: scrubs are not hard to make. All you need is a few essential ingredients in your kitchen at all times in order to make every DIY scrub recipe under the sun.

You just need boost ingredients like the rosemary and tea tree oil pictured here to turn your essentials into every DIY scrub.

The essentials for every DIY scrub.

I have taken my many recipes that I use and paired down the ingredients into three essentials you need to make every DIY scrub. Some of these essentials are more like categories, and others can even be swapped out for others on this list.

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Essential 1: Coconut Oil

I consistently use coconut oil as a base for every DIY scrub that I make. It’s easily the best base because it’s typically solid at room temperature (sorry Australians), and also is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and incredibly moisturizing, which your skin needs after the exfoliation.

(Honey works here too for some scrubs…)

Essential 2: Salts

You will need scrubby stuff for basically every DIY scrub. A good place to start is with salts. Typically, I use Epsom salts for a coarse scrub (great for general body scrubs) or I use sea salt or table salt for a finer scrub (intense lip or face scrubs).

The best part about salts are that they are protective spiritually but they also help to pull the toxins out of the body… especially the Epsom salts.

Essential 3: Sugars

Another scrubby thing to use for any and every DIY scrub is sugar. All kinds of sugar (yes, even powdered). I typically use a mix of turbinado, plain white, and brown sugars in my scrubs.

Sugar is basically the opposite of salts in its healing properties. It’s less abrasive and keeps the skin hydrated and balanced.

All three essentials you'll need for every DIY scrub

Now create every DIY scrub you can imagine!

Scrubs are so easy. There is no measuring, so you just throw together any of these ingredients + your extra boost ingredients to create the scrub.

The boost ingredients can be essential oils, sprinkles, herbs and flowers, colorants, seeds, fruits, eggs, honey, or oats and grains. Basically anything else in your kitchen!

Scrub away the haters…

A great way to practice is by making this quick DIY scrub that helps remove any impurities and negativity from the face and body. You can either watch this video here or directly on my YouTube channel:


What are you waiting for? Go out and scrub away!

Are there are other ingredients you would count as essential for every DIY scrub? What are your favorite scrub recipes? I’d love to hear either in the comments or over on my Facebook page!

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