DIY Sugar Scrub Bar for Surrender

DIY Sugar Scrub Bar Recipe for Surrender

Prepare for the new moon with this DIY sugar scrub bar recipe.

The Gemini New Moon on June 13th is going to be a heavy one. You will find that your relationships (especially romantic ones), connections, and general social needs are affected most by this new moon. If you’re in a steady relationship, you may find that you need to spread your wings and break free from any stagnant ruts you’ve both fallen into. Or you may be feeling intensely alone or abandoned, even if you are surrounded by loved ones. Connection is at the forefront of this new moon.

But you can’t even begin to work on your relationships if you’re struggling with your relationship to yourself. That’s why it’s important to kick off this moon phase with a fresh, clear head. Take this time before the new moon to surrender any limiting beliefs or negative thoughts you may have about your self-worth or ability to be loved. (Or anything else, really.)

The theme over at the Beauty Witch Coven last week was Surrender. So what better way to reflect, scrub away old limiting beliefs, and surrender yourself to your feels before this intense Gemini New Moon than with a DIY sugar scrub bar?

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But first, what does it mean to surrender?

Surrender is not easy. In an emotional & spiritual context, which is the context we’ll be sticking to here, surrender is about giving up your agency to allow your inner feelings, thoughts, beliefs, etc. to come to the surface. To be honest, it sucks. Because it also means allowing bad thoughts, negative emotions, limiting beliefs, the inner critic, triggers, anxieties, and general unpleasantness to all be acknowledged by you.

But that acknowledgement is incredibly important. If you are only half aware of the nasty thoughts you think of yourself every time you look in the mirror, how can you let them go? How can you expect to heal without first understanding what you’re healing from? Surrendering and acknowledging all that negativity is imperative to healing from it.

DIY Sugar Scrub Bar Recipe for Surrender

What do you do once all that emotional gunk is floating on the surface?

You let it go. 

Okay, it’s easier said than done. But you gotta do it. And sometimes you can’t scrape it all off the surface the first time you surrender yourself. That’s okay. It takes time to heal and rewire your brain towards more uplifting and self-loving thoughts.

Chihiro from Spirited Away helps to cleanse a River Spirit of pollution.

Get rid of that gunk inside you.

This is why having a physical act to symbolize the spiritual and emotional practice you’re performing is helpful. This is why you need this DIY sugar scrub bar recipe. Trust me.

The DIY Sugar Scrub Bar Recipe for Surrender

Let’s just jump right into that DIY sugar scrub bar recipe. I curated this recipe to aid in surrender and skin care, but feel free to tweak it or adjust it according to your needs. Don’t forget to copy this recipe into your Beauty Grimoire for future reference. Or dive into the index in the back to see how each ingredient is applied to this ritual.

What you need:

  • 1 cup of Melt & Pour Soap Base of choice
  • 1/3 cup of White Granulated Sugar
  • 1/3 cup of Light Brown Sugar
  • 1/3 cup of Coffee Grounds (do not use a flavored coffee)
  • 1/3 cup of Coconut Oil
  • 1 tablespoon of Dried Basil Leaves
  • 1 tablespoon of Dried Eucalyptus Leaves
  • 3 drops each of Patchouli, Frankincense, & Lavender Essential Oils
  • Heat/microwave safe mixing bowls
  • Mixing utensil (use the instructions on your soap base to choose the one best for you. A stainless steel whisk works.)
  • A silicone mold

Here are the ingredients you need for this DIY Sugar Scrub Bar Recipe for Surrender

Creating the DIY scrub bar:

Step One — Mix it up

This step is pretty simple. In a glass bowl, add in your sugars, coffee grounds, and dried herbs. Mix together. Then, add in your clump of coconut oil. If you need to, melt the coconut oil slightly so it is soft like mashed potatoes. Mix and mash it together until you get a nice scrub.

Step Two — Add your essential oils

Drip your essential oils into the scrub at this point. Continue to mix and mash until everything is one cohesive mixture. You could technically stop here if you wanted to, and put the scrub in a jar instead of using it in bar form.

Step Three — Make it a bar

In a separate bowl or measuring cup that is heat/microwave safe, melt your soap base until it is completely liquid. Once liquid, stir it into your scrub. Follow any instructions or warnings on your soap base to mix the scrub. Your scrub should be a liquidy mashed potato texture. Pour & press your scrub into your silicone mold.

The essential oils used in this DIY Sugar Scrub Bar Recipe for Surrender

Step Four — Chill out

Allow your scrubs to chill out in the fridge for a while until they are solid. This is the perfect opportunity to begin getting in the space to surrender.

Ensure you are in a safe place to do so (because a lot of triggers and negative emotions do come up in surrendering). Don’t allow yourself to become compromised or to spiral. If you think that could happen during your surrender ritual, take it slow, tell someone you are doing a surrender ritual (maybe they’ll join you), and surround yourself with your favorite things.

Step Five — Surrender

Check out the surrender shower ritual below to help you use the DIY sugar scrub bar you just created!

Need a tutorial on how to create the scrub? Check this out →

Use this shower scrub ritual to help you surrender

This ritual is best to do when your emotions already feel as if they are bubbling over. Or you’re in a physical/mental/emotional place where you know that you will not spiral while doing this ritual. Surrendering is best done in small doses. The physical act of exfoliating can help you stay focused while releasing any nasty emotions that come up during this ritual.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this in its full out form, tweak the ritual towards your best interest… Or skip it altogether and just enjoy a delicious scrub bar. Your choice. 🙂

DIY Sugar Scrub Bar Recipe for Surrender

Get your shower steamy and safe.

Before you even turn the shower on, do any prepping ritual in your bathroom that feels right. Burn some sage or palo santo. Call upon your angels and guides. Cast a circle. Or just visualize the room being illuminated with healing, nourishing, golden light. Touch each wall of the shower (the shower curtain counts) and speak words of protection that come naturally to you into the shower.

“I am safe here. This is where I can find relief.”

Now it’s time to start your shower. Add some drops of your favorite essential oils to a cloth that will lay on the shower floor to dispense scented and healing steam. I suggest Bergamot or Rose essential oil.

Bring it to a boil, then let it simmer.

Get in the shower and stand under the warm water. Allow your breathing to deepen and steady. Begin to think and feel anything that comes to you. Allow all thoughts to float toward the surface. They may be mundane thoughts. Random snippets of the day. Your mind wandering.

But it may also be negativity. This is the gunk we want to come to the surface right now. Acknowledge every limiting belief, every negative thought, every nasty comment. Let them come to you.

As these nastier feelings and thoughts bubble their way up to your consciousness, express those emotions in whichever way feels most appropriately for a shower. But don’t hold back either. Get that gunk out. (A.k.a. cry a lot)

All the Ingredients you need for this DIY Sugar Scrub Bar Recipe for Surrender

Exfoliate your troubles away.

Once you feel like you can’t handle it anymore, begin to exfoliate with the scrub. Allow yourself to scrub those thoughts away from you. Watch the words run down the sink in the form of sugar and coffee grounds. Feel the gunk be exfoliated and exorcised out of your mind, body, and life.

Remember to be gentle as you scrub. Being too abrasive could damage your beautiful skin.

Nourish and nurture. You are loved.

Now that you are properly exfoliated, give yourself a quick wash & rinse with your soap of choice. As you clean yourself, whisper words of encouragement and love into your skin. Imaging those words, glowing gold, sink into the skin and nourish yourself. See the water fall from the shower head in droplets of pure love and gold. Watch yourself become filled with this nurturing, golden light. If you are struggling to think of any words of encouragement, use the mantra below.

“I am worthy of beauty. I am worthy of health. I am worthy of love. I am worthy of wealth. I am worthy of the world.”

Usagi Tsukino is too tired from crying so much

Rinse and repeat.

Turn off the shower and step out to dry yourself off. Once dressed, conclude the ritual in whichever way feels the most appropriate to your practice. Burning palo santo or sage at this time could definitely be beneficial.

As you go about your day or night, continue to repeat your self-love mantras to yourself as needed. And remember to be gentle and compassionate to yourself. It’s okay to take this surrender ritual in small steps. Repeat this entire ritual until you feel that those negative thoughts are truly in check and released from your body. It may mean using the entire scrub bar over the course of months. That’s okay. Take your time. You’re worth it.

Surrendering is hard, but it makes a difference.

I hope you also found this surrender ritual to be worth it. At least the DIY sugar scrub bar recipe, right? The best part about the recipe is that you can tweak it to fulfill any exfoliation needs you may have. I know I will keep this recipe in my arsenal to use as needed in my spiritual beauty practice.

Now tell me, what are you hoping to surrender before focusing on connections for the Gemini New Moon? What are you hoping to release? You can tell me all about it in our Facebook Group, the Beauty Witch Coven.

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