Create your Witchy Ethics in 3 Steps!

Create Your Witchy Ethics in 3 Steps

Honestly, witchy ethics are a little bit of a no-brainer.

And you really don’t need 3 steps. Yeah, I said it. However, if you don’t really know where to start, this is the post for you.

So let’s jump into the easiest 3 steps to create your witchcraft code of ethics:

1. List and define your ethical priorities

Lucky you, lucky you! I went through and created a quick list of places many witches feel passionate about. I did make the list from a liberal stand-point, so this list might not speak to you. That’s okay! Feel free to make your own list.

  • Harming none
  • Gender roles and sexuality
  • Inclusive feminism
  • Fair trade and rights for workers
  • Anti-capitalism/anti-establishment

Anyway, take the list above and pick as few or as many as you like and feel passionate about. Write down each topic and then next to it write a sentence or two to define exactly what that topic means to you. Here is one of mine for instance:

Animal welfare: The preservation of animals lives and the removal of animals from capitalist industries like agriculture, animal testing, fashion, and more.

2. Pair down your witchy ethics into 3 or 4 main topics

For instance, you might have a strict vegan and cruelty-free rule when it comes to buying your makeup, but all of your crafting comes in the form of tarot cards and essential oils, where animal products are typically not expected. It’s in this case that you might not write animal welfare down in your grimoire.

If you want cruelty-free beauty rituals right to your inbox, join the Beauty Witch Coven!

Another case might be that you typically don’t pay attention to gendered terms or roles outside of witchcraft, but during your practice you refuse to use the binary when talking about deities or spirits. In this case you WOULD include gender roles and sexuality as a part of your witchcraft code of ethics.

Tweet: “Focus your ethics in order to truly get to the heart of what your witchcraft means to you and the world around you.” – @VellaMour

3. Determine the rules behind your ethical code

Okay, so you know that you don’t want to harm the environment in your witchcraft, but what does that actually mean? What will you actively avoid (or pursue) in order to follow your witchy ethics?

This last step is all up to you based on what you personally believe in. I can’t tell you how to follow your ethics or what is right or wrong here.

What are my witchy ethics?

Interested in what ethical code I follow in my specific craft? Watch my latest YouTube Pagan Challenge video to find out! Also, if you are interested in joining the YouTube Pagan Facebook Group, you can do so by requesting permission to join.

What is the #1 thing in your witchy ethics that you go by in order to have the most ethical craft?

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