Confessions of a Witch

10 Confessions of a Witch

This blog post is a little different.

A few weeks ago, I talked about what it’s like to fail, and it was a pretty relieving exercise. A lot of you were able to relate to that post, too, and I got some great feedback on Twitter. There I described a cycle I go through productivity-wise, but not really what happens when I fail or struggle as a witch. I left that part out.

Mainly because the internet has this weird fascination with perfection, and that everyone who has a platform on social media is done or the “most-completed” version of whatever their doing. That they are somehow the obligate expert, who knows all.

And I have to tell you that I am not this.

I am not a perfect witch or authority on witchcraft by any means. Seriously, I am incredibly new at all of this. While I try to write from a place of authority and give my opinion, knowledge, and guidance on certain subjects, I am still learning it. And hopefully, we’re learning it together.

So these are my confessions of imperfection. How I make mistakes and struggle to just be a human and a witch. Hopefully, you can relate to this and have confessions of your own

Confession #1: My altar is a mess, as always.

Confession #1: My altar is frequently a mess. You’ve seen it.

Confession #2: Due to my insomnia, I have a hard time remembering my dreams (if I even dream at all)

Confession #3: I SUCK at meditation, and am usually only successful when doing it in a group of people

Confession #4: One of the main reasons I’m secular is because the power of deities/spirits is so frightening, I have a hard time trying to connect with them (I literally get too scared and back out of communication)

Confession #5: I make up the meanings of tarot cards if I don't remember them... that's intuition, right?

Confession #5: If I don’t remember the meaning of a tarot card, I’ll just make it up on the spot

Confession #6: Even in the company of close friends, I am uncomfortable saying I’m a witch. Yes, even as I try to reclaim it

Confession #7: While I like the sound of it and think it is probably beneficial, I don’t really know what shadow work is

Confession #8: Sometimes my "Scully" side comes out and blocks all my intuition with its skepticism.

Confession #8: Sometimes my skeptical and analytical side completely drowns out my natural intuition

Confession #9: There are long spans of time where I stop doing my craft, even if those times are when I need it the most

Confession #10: The magick I do doesn’t always work, and sometimes it even backfires

What are your confessions?

You heard it from me first, folks. We aren’t always perfect, even if we can use our personal power to alter the universal energies. Sometimes it just takes some acknowledgement of your imperfections to feel better about your journey. Besides, if I was absolutely perfect at my craft, I wouldn’t have anything to write about!

In the comments below, describe to me your ONE biggest confession you have as a witch, pagan, or spiritual person! I bet we can relate. 

x0- Vella

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