Clean Your Makeup Brushes the Witchy Way

How to Clean your Makeup Brushes the Witchy Way

It’s time again to clean your makeup brushes…

I don’t know about you, but I dread cleaning my makeup brushes. I have SO MANY brushes, it takes forever, and then my brushes take over my bathroom to dry.

But one way I make it all better is by throwing some witchcraft into my usual makeup brush cleaning routine. I’ve already done a more robust version of this in a video, but since then, I’ve drastically changed the way I clean my makeup brushes (for the better).

How to clean your makeup brushes the witchy way

The way I clean my brushes comes down to just three steps: soap & scrub, rinse, dry. All I really do is add some witchy supplies to make this mundane routine a magickal ritual. So, let’s jump into how to clean your makeup brushes magickally.

What you need

So in order to truly clean your makeup brushes the witchy way, you’re gonna need a few supplies. Trust me, this part is pretty simple and if you don’t have all of these items, you can substitute them or just hit me up and I’ll hook you up with what you need.

Castile soap

Lemon essential oil

Frankincense essential oil

Lavender essential oil

Rubbing alcohol

A bowl

A scrubby pad or washcloth

A large towel

A spray bottle

Of course, you’ll also need things like the actual makeup brushes, lots of water, and a flat space to dry your makeup brushes. Other things you may include at the end are black tourmaline, a Himalayan salt lamp, or some electric candles (rubbing alcohol is flammable, so keep your fire away from your brushes just in case). These three things you can set up around your brushes while they dry to help remove any negative energy.

Get sudsy

So your makeup brushes are disgusting, full of weird half-glittery, creamy-but-also-powdery product and basically unusable at this point. (I’m not exposing you, I promise.) No one knows what’s on those brushes. It could be weird lipstick, loose glitter, a gel eyeliner that you don’t own anymore, and of course, eye shadows out the wazoo. All on the same brush. Gross.

Clean your makeup brushes after you use them to do an amazing look like this!

It’s time to get these brushes clean.

For this first step, you’re gonna need your bowl, Castile soap, and essential oils. Oh, and water of course. We’re going to start by creating the cleaning potion that you’ll use to clean your makeup brushes!

Squeeze some of your Castile soap into your bowl. I’m not measuring because I don’t think it’s necessary. Just a small amount of the soap will work. I’m going to use a quarter-size dollop.

Now, on top of that soap dollop, place some drops of your essential oils. You are just adding enough oils to clean and remove negative energy from the brushes–not to scent the soap. I chose to do basically one or two drops per oil.

Use lemon, frankincense, and lavender oils when cleaning your makeup brushes,

But what do the oils do?

Lemon: This is the oil of the cleaning gods. If you ever need something cleaned, use this oil. Seriously, this oil is magickal.

Frankincense: This is a sacred oil. It is typically used to anoint tools and connect energies to the spirit realm. Since my makeup brushes are my witchy tools, I’m using this oil to anoint them.

Lavender: This oil is amazing for the skin and to help remove past, negative energies from the brushes.

Don’t have these oils? No worries, I can hook you up.

Take a spoon or the handle of a small makeup brush and mix the soap and the oils until they’re completely blended. Then, fill the bowl with warm water. This type of soap is meant to be diluted, so that’s what we’re doing in this step. Continue mixing. You may see that the oil separates here, and that’s okay.

Scrub, scrub, scrub

Now it’s time to do some work to actually clean your makeup brushes. For this, you’ll need your scrubby pad or washcloth. I like my scrubby pad because it has a bunch of different textures on it and it’s super easy to clean.

First, I divide my brushes by size and type: big face and powder brushes, medium eye shadow brushes, tiny detail brushes, and sponges and beauty blenders. Then I start with the tiny brushes and move up to the big face and powder brushes, but I always end with the sponges and beauty blenders.

Dip your first brush into the bowl of the cleaning potion. Swirl the brush into the potion counter-clockwise and visualize the brush leaving behind all the past gunk that was on it. Your bowl is going to get dirty FAST, so you’ll probably have to remake the cleaning potion after each section of brushes.

Once it has been dipped in the cleaning potion, I rub the brush onto the scrubby pad quite a bit. Finally, I begin to rinse the brush.

Scrub all that gunk away when you clean your makeup brushes

Rinse all that gunk away

I have a love-hate relationship with this part of the process. I love it because it’s honestly the only way to tell if the brush is clean, but I hate it because it wastes so much water! (I’m an environmental freak.)

Anyway, you want to rinse and continue to rub the brush over the scrubby pad until the water runs clear. Make sure there are NO SUDS in the brush by taking your finger and pulling the bristles back. If there are suds, you need to rinse more. But because the soap is diluted, you shouldn’t have to worry about this too much.

Once the brush has been rinsed, you’re going to immediately shape the brush into it’s normal shape to get it ready to dry.

Set it and forget it

For this part, you’ll need to prepare in advance by laying out your large towel on a flat surface that won’t need to move for a good 4-8 hours. I typically allow my brushes to dry overnight.

Also, it’s time to truly disinfect. In your spray bottle, add one part rubbing alcohol with one part water. Seal the bottle shut and shake it to mix the two together. As you lay each brush on the towel to dry, spritz some of the alcohol on the bristles and handle to make sure everything is disinfected well. Do NOT saturate the brush with the alcohol solution. Just one or two sprays is all it needs.

And be smart: do not use heat around your alcohol solution or brushes, even with just a spritz of it on them. No flame candles. No hair dryers. Oh my gosh PLEASE do not put alcohol on a beauty blender then microwave it. And please, please don’t drink the rubbing alcohol. It won’t get you drunk. Instead you’ll just die, and that’s not fun for anyone.

Once you have all the brushes laid out on the towel, you can set up some black tourmaline or a Himalayan salt lamp to help soak any lingering energetic gunk out of the brushes and air to truly purify them spiritually.

Need a visual? Watch me clean my brushes→

Now go clean your makeup brushes

That’s all you need to do to clean your makeup brushes. It does take a long time if you have a lot of makeup brushes, but it’s not too bad, especially if you love the soft, pure feeling of a clean makeup brush.

Incorporating magick into my mundane rituals is my favorite way to do witchcraft in my daily life. How do you clean your makeup brushes? Do you do it in a witchy way? Share your favorite way to clean your makeup brushes by joining The Beauty Witch Coven Facebook Group. You’ll also receive regular beauty rituals straight to your inbox. They usually correspond to the moon phases of the month, and we even have monthly rituals together over in the Facebook Group.

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