An Easy Candle Spell for Success

Easy Candle Spell for Success

As a new witch, doing magick and spells is pretty intimidating.

I’ve only ever done one or two spells during my entire two years as a witch. Yep. You read that right.

Although I would consider rituals (which I’ve done a lot of) to be in the same category as spells, there is just something about performing a spell that seems to take a lot more oomph.

I think my trepidation stems from that idea that spells take much more energy than rituals to complete. As well, a spell can either work or not work. Rituals, on the other hand, just sort of… end. For a spell, you have to work up all of this specific, focused energy, do a ritual, and then send that energy to a place or being, like a deity.

As mentioned before, I am not good at focusing. My energy runs out fast and I get distracted easily. The idea of focusing an energy beam anywhere, let alone to some person or deity, has always left me anxious.

Because January is all about creating new beginnings and habits, I figured a quick and easy candle spell would be a good way to practice my craft. After doing some research on candle magick, I decided to whip up my own spell for success.

Candle magick is the simplest of all magick.

Er, well, that’s what everyone says. Candle magick can be as simple as lighting a candle and blowing it out (birthdays, anyone?), or as complex as anointing a candle with oils, herbs, and symbols, lighting it and letting it burn for several days, then disposing of its remains and any ashes it created. This spell falls between both extremes.

Anointing the candle

Grinding cinnamon

Rolling the candle in cinnamon

Control your own success with this candle spell!

This spell is a great for creating success in the New Year! What kind of spellwork have you done to bring you success? Let me know if you try this spell out as well! I would love feedback.

x0x– Vella

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