Welcome Back to a New Moon

Welcome Back to a New Moon!

Well look who’s back…

Yep. Me. Little ol’ Vella, back here posting on her blog. As you can see, I officially made a permanent change to the blog – I renamed it.

I also re-branded everything. Next I’ll add a shop and hope to really take this on as a business pursuit. And with Mars back in Scorpio, I’m really feeling myself.

But what is the change?

Essentially what I’m doing is starting a shop. I plan on selling my artwork, some crystal jewelry, and tarot readings! I am super excited, and you can see sneak-peaks of products/art on my Instagram!

So I say “Welcome” to the New Moon.

I’m going to begin this moon cycle and business venture by setting my intentions. Below I included a quick tarot reading to see what the universe has to say to all of us this moon phase.

My intention for this moon cycle is to dedicate at least one complete hour every single day to work towards my blog and business.

What’s your intention this New Moon?

Here are what the cards say.

We pulled the Four of Cups, The Star, and The Hierophant for this new moon’s reading. Let’s jump right in.

The Four of Cups -- New Moon Reading Sept. 2016

The Four of Cups often represents a boredom, dissatisfaction, or staleness of life. You may be too comfortable, or the success you have achieved might not be aligned with your wider spiritual or life goals. You are unsatisfied. Period. But this New Moon is a great time to be unsatisfied. You can begin manifesting something new.

And if you truly sit down and focus, you will manifest something. When you take the time to bring about change, the universe will provide it.

However, also know whether it is the right choice for you to take the cup, so to speak. You may have manifested something in your life that you initially thought you wanted, but then it turned out that you didn’t want it afterall. Don’t worry, the universe has plans for that manifestation. It is still your decision to take it or not.

The Star -- New Moon Tarot Reading Sept. 2016

And no matter what, it will be alright! The Star is a wonderful card. It symbolizes the universe giving you everything you need in life. You can flourish.

I sense that around the Full Moon, you will truly be connected with this card, feeling all aspects of The Star’s abundance and generosity within you.

No matter if you choose to take the cup or not, that choice was destined to succeed. The goals you intend to manifest will truly become reality. And you will live in harmony with all things around you. In fact, take this time to be truly grateful for all that you have and give back to the world and the universe.

The Hierophant -- New Moon Tarot Reading Sept. 2016

And finally, work smart. While this moon cycle goes on, you will find that you may need to conform to some rules or institutions to truly make your goals a reality.

You don’t have to “play it safe” or stick with the status quo, but you should play the room. Use your knowledge of how things work either in your family, culture, community, or work place, and use that knowledge to your advantage.

And if you aren’t sure what the rules are – learn them. There might even be someone close by who wants to guide you through the rules or institution. Take their hand, as they will bring you closer to your goal.

Work Smart This Month

All in all, this moon cycle is about focus and determination. Use Virgo‘s organized, analytical, and creative energy this season to truly bring about what you want. I found that by creating a bullet journal and focusing on writing my goals down, I’m able to capitalize on this month’s zodiac energy.

Look out for more tarot readings.

I plan on doing many more posted readings like this for moon phases, sabbats, changing seasons, and other big holidays. As well, I am hoping to offer readings to individuals from my shop. I’m still getting the logistics of all that worked out, so stay tuned.

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Thanks for sticking by these changes with me! Don’t forget to follow me on social media to get the most out of this change! New Moon Blessings!

x0 Vella

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