The Absolute Best 3 Self-Love Affirmations

Choose your self-love affirmation

Yes, loving yourself is important.

Every time I talk about self-love, people roll their eyes or act jaded. It’s almost like they don’t believe they deserve it or it isn’t important, and I think to myself…um, what?

Self-love is SO important. I struggled for years to understand that in order to be successful, happy, and productive, that I needed to be compassionate with myself the same way I would be to someone else.

(Pro-tip: I learned that from my therapist.)

So what do I do to when I want to dive off the deep end into despair? I create a self-love affirmation that I can repeat to myself to calm down or enter a more proactive or productive state of mind.

What exactly do i do?

I determine what it is that I’m struggling with, and then I literally give myself advice as if I was talking to a friend and not myself. Then, I package that advice or compassion into a short 3-7 word sentence.

And that’s what I did here to create the three absolute BEST self-love affirmations out there. These three should help you out in most self-doubt pickles.

If you want to write your own self-love affirmation, I am willing to write an entire blog post about it, just for you. But, you have to let me know. If you join the Beauty Witch Coven, you’ll be able to directly get in contact with me whenever you like via the soon-to-launch Facebook Group!

Choose your self-love affirmation

I am already a success

The thing about affirmations is that sometimes they are hard to admit to. This is one that I am personally struggling with right now, because I definitely don’t feel successful. But I wouldn’t have made it this far without some kind of success, so I have to push through this and just keep repeating it.

Use this self-love affirmation when you’re struggling with celebrating your accomplishments, stuck in a rut, or obsessed with a negative past.

Choose your self-love affirmation

I am worthy of the journey

This self-love affirmation is all about confirming your worth. Yes, you are worth it, but I totally get that sometimes it’s hard to admit. I think another important thing about this affirmation is the emphasis on the journey. Some people don’t like making goals because they don’t think they deserve the outcome. But yes, you do.

You deserve the outcome. You deserve the hustle. You deserve the journey.

Use this self-love affirmation when you’re struggling with yourself worth, especially if it pertains to trying something new. Remember, you’re worth it.

Choose your self-love affirmation


I am enough

And lastly, if you’re going to use any of these self-love affirmations, use this one. Anytime you’re feeling disappointed with yourself (*ahem* me, all the time *ahem*), just remind yourself that YOU ARE ENOUGH. This is your body, your journey, your life, your whatever. You are all that you need.

Use this self-love affirmation when you feel like you can’t move on from a situation or you are in prime self-despair mode. This is probably the hardest one to say, especially out loud.

Sometimes a self-love affirmation is all you need.

While I don’t suggest giving up any therapy, medication, or doctors’ visits for sentences, I do believe that affirmations are a great way to cope with self-esteem issues in between. My therapist and I worked on creating affirmations for me, and I used an affirmation (it was simply just, “slow down”) during college to help me get all my work done on time.

Feel free to take any of the photos from this blog post and keep them as your phone wallpaper or in your photos. Sometimes just reading it somewhere helps you to gather the strength to say it aloud.

Which affirmation do you need the most right now?

x0- Vella

Choose your self-love affirmation

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