Breaking down the beauty ritual

Plus five examples so you can start practicing every day.

Okay, what is a beauty ritual?

You’ve heard me talk about beauty rituals before, but I’ve only ever defined it once. Oh, and yes, this is my own, made up definition.

Beauty Ritual: applying magical methods to otherwise mundane beauty routines

Seems pretty simple, right? But I’m sure you still have questions! Like, how exactly do you apply the magical methods? What routines do you apply them to? Can you apply magical methods to any beauty routine? What if you don’t have a beauty routine!? Suddenly beauty rituals don’t seem so simple!

Beauty Witch Podcast

Episode Three: Breaking down the beauty ritual. Plus five examples so you can start practicing every day.




Beauty Witch Podcast

Episode Three: Breaking down the beauty ritual. Plus five examples so you can start practicing every day.




So let's dive deeper into this definition

To break the beauty ritual down even further, we should look at the different pieces of the definition I gave it.

[applying] [magical methods] to otherwise [mundane] [beauty routines]

And breaking that down even further…

Applying – This one is quite simple in my opinion. I’m using the word here in its typical way. We’re applying the magic in a beauty ritual.

Magical methods – In context of the definition, magical methods don’t necessarily mean that we’re drastically altering a beauty routine. Instead, it means we’re taking pieces of the routine and making them magical. Most of the time, it means using ingredients, colors, and patterns in very intentional ways.

Mundane – Simply, this word just means non-magical.

Beauty Routines – Ah, yes. This is the part that differentiates a beauty ritual from any other magic ritual. This means basically any normal, run-of-the-mill beauty routine you’d already be doing. Like washing your face, applying lipstick, taking a bath, and even getting dressed. 

So, if it isn’t obvious yet, a beauty ritual is just taking a normal, every day beauty routine you’d already be doing, and making it more magical by being more intentional with the energy you put into it. 

How do you start practicing every day?

Like any other form of magic, it’s important to begin practicing with small steps. I suggest starting with something you can do every day. I’ve outlined five examples of simple beauty rituals you can do every single day!

1) Getting dressed

Let me guess, getting dressed when you wake up is probably something that you’re already doing every day. So why not make it more magical?

Instead of just choosing your outfit for the day based on what you think looks the best, what is comfiest, or what is most appropriate at your job or school, I suggest being more intentional about your choices, specifically color.

Solid Perfume Spell

Of course, don’t forgo dress codes, but if you have the choice, why not wear a color that makes you feel more productive, outgoing, or powerful?

When you put on your outfit for the day, setting a simple intention for the day is all you need to make this mundane routine a magic ritual!

2) Spraying on perfume or cologne

Spritzing on some perfume or cologne throughout the day can be quite a magical experience. The ingredients in your perfume act as correspondences, and the direction plus your words act as a spell. 

Let’s say you want to have a day full of self-love and compassion. Spritz on some rosy spray in a clockwise circle around yourself, state your intention out loud, and suddenly you’ve cast a love spell on yourself.

I recommend paying close attention to the ingredients in your perfume or cologne, to ensure that they’re sustainable, natural, and free of any harsh chemicals or bad energies. You can always make your own spray too. 

Solid Perfume Spell for a Good Day

Warm your solid perfume in your palms or between your thighs for a few minutes to allow it to collect your energy. You can meditate and visualize golden light radiating from your heart space directly to your solid perfume. Then, swipe some perfume onto your finger. Rub it into the hollows of your ankles, wrists, nape of your neck, and chest.

Say, "May I walk towards my goals, may I craft beauty in my intentions, may I leave my troubles behind me, and may my heart guide me to my highest good."

3) Washing your face

This one is so easy to do and one of my absolute favorites. Find your favorite face wash, preferably a gentle, all-natural every day cleanser, and wash your face with it! As you do, wash in a circular, counter-clockwise motion. Counter-clockwise is said to release, banish, or decrease.

As you do this, imagine the day’s worth of dirt, makeup, and excess oil being cleansed off your face, but also any lingering energies of the day. I like to do this to feel refreshed and like I can have a new start for the next day. 

4) Moisturizing

I personally don’t think people moisturize enough. I’ve been trying to get into the habit of moisturizing my entire body every day. It honestly is so amazing for my skin, I don’t know why I wouldn’t do this every day. (Seriously. Mom, why did you not instill this habit in me like you did washing my face or brushing my teeth?)

Anyway, moisturizing can be an amazing way to not only connect with the healing power of plants, but also to absorb any energies you wish to have. 

Choose an all-natural, plant-based oil or a luscious body butter, and begin to moisturize your skin! As you do so, you can visualize golden light and energy being pulled into your skin and body until you’re absolutely radiant. And if your body oil has glitter or shimmer, then you’ll literally be glowing. Oh, and don’t forget to rub that lotion in a clockwise motion, as clockwise is the direction of drawing in, increasing, or attracting.

5) Masks and meditation

While I wouldn’t suggest using a face or hair mask every day (or lip or under eye… or BUTT masks. Did you know they have freaking butt masks now?), you can use these throughout the week to help you wind down and de-stress.

One thing I like to do while wearing my sheet masks is to meditate. I put a timer on for the duration that the mask is supposed to be worn, then I play ocean, rain, or nature sounds on my phone while I meditate. 

It’s some of the most relaxing parts of my beauty routine, and it also helps me practice my meditation techniques. 

Nutrition, movement, sleep, and anti-stress

Even though many of the beauty rituals you’ll come across or create will be centered around beauty, fashion, skin care, and hygiene, there are many other places in your daily life that need to be taken into account to truly help you on your Beauty Witch path. Remember, being a Beauty Witch is all about the prioritization of self-care. 

Nutrition, movement, sleep, and anti-stress are the four key parts of self-care that you should be focusing on every day. If you can’t do a beauty ritual every day, I suggest trying to put more intention into these four self-care elements. 

When it comes to these four, what’s most important is what is healthy and beneficial to who you are as a being. 

Establishing self-care and beauty rituals as habit

The best way to get good at something is to do it every day. Which is why I suggest creating a daily beauty ritual and self-care routine.

In the future, I’ll be dissecting my entire daily beauty ritual for you to give you a better understanding of what this looks like, including nutrition, movement, sleep and anti-stress.

Journal prompt: What in your life do you need to prioritize as self-care every day? What mundane beauty routines do you already do that can be transformed into beauty rituals?


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