About Vella Mour

Hello Beauty Witches,

If you’ve found this place, you’ve been looking for a way to incorporate magick into your beauty ritual. Well, have no fear because that is exactly what I do.

Who is Vella Mour?

My name is Vella...

Everything beauty is my passion. I use makeup and fashion as my sole craft and spiritual practice. I find ways to turn makeup into magick, transfigure perfumes into potions, and thrifted rags into ritual robes. This space is where I chronicle my journey into spiritual beauty.

My mission is to show you how to transform your spiritual craft with the  power of makeup and fashion.

Don’t be afraid to play with beauty and fashion while discovering your own spirituality.

You can begin this journey by joining the Beauty Witch Coven where I send beauty rituals straight to your inbox every month. You can also watch makeup tutorials and ritual breakdowns on my YouTube channel.

Young Living Premium Starter Kit

Upgrade your magick...

Essential oils work as the base for all my beauty rituals and potions I make on a daily basis. They allow me to quickly and easily infuse my magick with whatever energies I need, whenever I need them. After I got my Wellness Starter Kit from Young Living, I knew that I wouldn’t go back.

I feel confident in Young Living’s oils due to their Seed to Seal process. They plant all the seeds themselves around the world, choosing places best suited for the crop. Then their perfected distilling techniques are put into play so they can then be tested in both internal and third-party labs. Finally, Young Living seals all of their products in their Spanish Fork, Utah facility and ships to members worldwide. You can be assured that what you’re buying is genuine and free of synthetic chemicals. 

Transform your own magick practice with the healing and natural power of essential oils by ordering your own Wellness Starter Kit today.

Vella Mour