About Vella Mour

"I am enough. I am worthy."

Raise your hand if you’ve never said these words to yourself, out loud. 🙋🏻‍♀️

Looking your reflection in the eye and saying these few phrases with conviction and true belief is not easy to do. Trust me. It takes grit, heartache, and a little magic to unlearn all the nasty, untrue things you’ve been taught about yourself. So much effort goes into eventually uttering the simple “I love myself” that you can actually believe.

That’s a damn shame because you are worth it. You are enough as you are.

And I personally still struggle with this every day. I don’t think there will be a time when I don’t struggle with self love. But I have found a method and practice for healing my inner wounds and developing a regular self care routine:

Beauty magic.

I'm Vella, the Beauty Witch.

Beauty is my spirituality. I have learned to use beauty products like makeup and skin care to fuel my spiritual self care practice. And it is truly not skin deep. Using beauty as a spiritual self care practice has helped me nourish my body, pamper my appearance, heal my inner wounds, align with nature, and connect to spirit. All from doing ritual baths and fancy makeup looks. 

This is beauty magic. And you can do it too.

Because my mission is to empower to people to embrace their vulnerability and harness their inner power with spiritual beauty and self care.

I get it. This all sounds far-fetched or too fluffy. You’re probably asking:

  • Why is self love and care important?
  • Will it actually change my life?
  • Is it actually magic?
  • How do I do it?

Luckily for you, there is an entire community called the Beauty Witch Coven dedicated to answering these questions and building up your confidence using beauty magic yourself. If you’re ready to jump into honoring yourself as the divine being you are, jump into the community. I also send rituals every New Moon and tarotscopes every month to fuel your beauty magic.