5 Fall Essentials for Any Witch

Vella's Five Fall Essentials

What is your Fall ritual?

Mine is going for a long walk in my neighborhood park, and then creeping into the woods to find a secluded place to either take photos, read tarot, or just soak in nature. Often I disguise this small ritual as an early morning hike with my puppy, who enjoys it as much as I do.

I dare you to go outside during this wonderful season and do your own version of a nice, simple fall ritual. And to do it the Vella way, you are going to need some witchy fashion essentials.

Your Five Fall Essentials

A deck of tarot cards & notebook

Well this is pretty important if you want to make this hike especially witchy. Even if you don’t have tarot cards, any divination or meditation tool is viable to bring. You could even bring a yoga mat if you want to get a little yoga in your hike too!

But I think what is THE most important thing to bring with you is the notebook. Whether you want to sketch some fallen leaves, write a poem, document your meditation, reflect on your tarot reading, or just write your to do list, a notebook is 100% necessary.

I chose my favorite tarot deck – The Wild Unknown, and my black bullet journal to bring with me.

I chose the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and my black notebook as some of my Fall essentials

A nice cozy scarf

I don’t mean to be blunt, but, DUH. It’s fall. We can’t have gorgeous fall weather without an equally gorgeous fall scarf. My favorites this season are giant, over-sized scarves.

You can also include gloves, large socks, and even a nice sweater if the weather permits. Here in Missouri, it’s still too warm for a jacket.

I chose a pulled-apart, over-sized black scarf that I thrifted.

A pouch

Or pockets.. or your purse.. or loose socks. Just anything so you can either bring something back home that the universe wants to give to you, or for you to bring a crystal to give back to the earth. Remember, as a witch, our relationship with the universe and earth is a two-way street. If you’re expecting to take, then be prepared to give.

I’ve gotten into the habit of finding wild herbs during my hikes, especially in the summer. Now that its fall, a lot of my findings are acorns, sticks, and leaves.

I chose to bring my standard purse because I know it has everything I need.


Be smart, girl. You can’t go walking through the forest in flip flops. Grab any pair of boots that you own (and if you don’t, at least grab some sneakers), and strut out into the woods.

I chose my two-inch anklet booties.

Today I went for a deep red lipstick for another Fall Essential

Dark colored lipstick

And finally, if you’re going to do this in strict Vella-fashion, you need a nice dark lipstick. The darker the better. Black, preferably.

I chose to wear a nice deep red lipstick from Rimmel.

If you can’t find a black lipstick, check out the video below where I showcase the BEST black drugstore lipstick:

Extras: Your familiar

I ALWAYS bring my little puppy with me into the woods because he loves it. We walk and jump together, and he sniffs and explores all over the forest. Whenever I find something cool to look at or draw, Spark Plug comes tumbling over, ready to inspect it. He especially loves to bring home sticks.

What is your Fall ritual?

Do you like going on hikes in the brisk air of autumn? Or do you prefer to stay in and keep warm? What kinds of rituals do you perform in the fall – the season of the witch?

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