3 Ways Minimalism is Magick

3 Ways Minimalism is Magick

It might just be me.

But I often find that when I’m searching for altar inspiration, the underlying theme of those altars is usually synonymous with clutter. The altar has drippy candles, handfuls of crystals and pine needles scattered on a wrinkled altar cloth, lit by moonlight through stained glass. Beautiful, but cluttered.

And I love seeing other people’s altars all cluttered as such. I truly do think they’re beautiful. When I am working, however, which is what witches do at altars, I prefer a lot of white space. When I embrace minimalism in all aspects of my material life, my magickal life thrives.

And that’s why I’m sharing with you the three reasons minimalism is magick.

1. Make more room for magick

I find that if I have a cluttered altar, my mind and magick are just as cluttered. And although my altar is not always clean and tidy (have you ever seen the background of my YouTube videos?), I always make sure it is clean before performing any magick.

This sentiment about a cluttered desk = a cluttered mind is basically the slogan of minimalism. It’s a pretty basic concept, in my opinion, and I find that it is true. If you don’t think it’s true for you, have you ever worked with a superbly clean desk with only the perfect amount of tools available? I have (like one time), and it was awesome.

A minimal flatlay with The Magician tarot card, a black moonstone crystal, and a white mortar and pestle.

2. Focus on quality, not quantity

Have you ever gone to the dollar store and saw 50 tealight candles for $1 and you just HAD to buy them? …Okay, maybe that is a bad example.

Have you ever gone to a random gift shop in a foreign city and bought a bunch of clearance incense from an unknown brand? Then, after being back home and burning it, you realize that it just smells like floral toxic smoke and you decide you are not going to burn it again. But you do keep it because what if you need it?

Stop. Just stop. One, you should have never bought that incense in the first place because it smells gross and it probably isn’t healthy for your dog to be breathing in. And two, why spend money on a product you don’t like and force yourself to keep it, when you could’ve just got on your phone and bought some Song of India and called it a day?

Quality: Just stick with one or two awesome things and use them until they are gone.

3. You have less to tidy

Trust me, the more shit you have on your altar, the more you’re going to have to clean it up. Especially if you have a puppy who likes to knock things off your altar and then eat them…

In fact, he’s eating something right now…

A cluttered space means that the top of your altar is where those items live. Which means if you obtain more items and don’t have an actual place for them, you will have to put the new items on your altar too. Then so on and so forth until your altar looks like mine – a big pile of random, non-witchy items because I cluttered the rest of my surfaces already.

My intensely cluttered desk

Trust me, minimalism will save your sanity

I had to clean off my altar in order to take the main photo for this blog. I admit it, I’m not perfect. I am also not a perfect minimalist/super tidy person all the time. But I will tell you that the amount of relief I felt after reinstating every items’ home around my altar was so refreshing. We’re all human, so minimalism is just a nice, lofty goal to try and achieve.

And when you reduce the amount of items you have, achieving that goal is a lot easier than it seems.

Reduce, witches!

Does minimalism sound like a philosophy that works for you? At first I thought it didn’t seem very intuitive, but now I am a huge sucker for it. In fact, so much of a sucker that I even have my own capsule wardrobe. You can watch my video about my wardrobe HERE!

What are your thoughts on minimalism? Is it worth it? Feasible? Ridiculous? I would love to know your thoughts down below!

x0- Vella



2 thoughts on “3 Ways Minimalism is Magick

    1. Yay! You’re one step ahead of me! <3 Having a completely clutter free house is one of my top goals right now. Being a witch is about being mindful, so when your mind is full of materialism and clutter, you can't be as mindful and focused on magick!

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