It's Finally Here!

The Beauty Grimoire

Become the glamour witch you were always meant to be…

The Beauty Grimoire is finally available for purchase! It’s a 200+ page grimoire and planner to help the beginner glamour witch develop their spiritual beauty practice.

It contains undated planner pages, reference guides, rituals and journal prompts, and coloring pages too!

It’s time again to clean your makeup brushes…

I don’t know about you, but I dread cleaning my makeup brushes. I have SO MANY brushes, it takes forever, and then my brushes take over my bathroom to dry.

But one way I make it all better is by throwing some witchcraft into my usual makeup brush cleaning routine. I’ve already done a more robust version of this in a video, but since then, I’ve drastically changed the way I clean my makeup brushes (for the better)…

Manifest what you want with beauty magick!

No, beauty isn’t superficial, vapid or vain. It is a form of expression. A way to show the world exactly who you are, what you believe, and where you’re going in life. 

Download and use the Beauty Witch’s Workbook now to learn how to develop your own glamour magick practice. Oh and it’s 100% free.

Get more manifestation tips from The Beauty Witch's Workbook
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Glamour Magick

This is the perfect jumping off point for witches interested in turning their mundane beauty routine into a fabulous magick ritual.

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Come with me on my spiritual journey over at my YouTube channel. I review products, invent DIYs, chat about paganism, and expand my beauty skills.