Beauty is Spiritual

No, beauty isn’t superficial, vapid or vain. It is a form of expression. A way to show the world exactly who you are, what you believe, and where you’re going in life. Every day, whether I am wearing a full glam look or just sweatpants, I use my time in front of the mirror as a spiritual practice. My beauty counter is my altar and my wardrobe is my sacred space. Stay connected with me here to make your beauty routine magick.

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Glamour Magick: You might already be a master at it.

Get dressed up for a job interview? ✔️ Glamour magick. Take a relaxing bath to help clear your mind? ✔️ Glamour magick. Wear certain colors to help emphasis a mood? ✔️ Glamour magick. Envision yourself with a different eye color? ✔️ Glamour. Magick.

All these examples are instances of glamour magick. Some may seem more mundane or less powerful than others, but nonetheless, this is essentially what glamour magick is.

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