Beauty is Spiritual

No, beauty isn’t superficial, vapid or vain. It is a form of expression. A way to show the world exactly who you are, what you believe, and where you’re going in life. Every day, whether I am wearing a full glam look or just sweatpants, I use my time in front of the mirror as a spiritual practice. My beauty counter is my altar and my wardrobe is my sacred space. Stay connected with me here to make your beauty routine magick.

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Let it all out with this bath ritual for release

With the recent Blue Moon // Lunar Eclipse // Blood Moon and Imbolc happening all within the same few days, there is so muchspiritual energy overwhelming our psyches and possibly causing emotional blocks.

If you’re feeling like me–overwhelmed, tired, and easily upset–you need to learn to take the time and give yourself permission to let it go and release.

So that’s where this bath ritual for release comes into play.

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